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Rand - A lumberjack in seclusion.

He hid to avoid the White Capes. There is a sense of detachment beneath his handsome exterior.

Reduces an Enemy's Defenses. Causes Bonus Damage to the Injured Enemies.


As the eldest child, Rand was demanded by family to set a good example and be a 'model man'. However, he dared not let anyone in the conservative Crossport find out he is Gyee.

He kept the identity secret, concerned about causing the family 'shame' and 'dishonor', maybe even threats of death. He would hang out at an underground Gyee bar and vent with fellow kindred spirits, but then White Capes raided the enclave and hung all Gyee captives on the town square, dubbing them minions of the Shadow and evil 'Yellow Eyes', even announcing their intent to 'cleanse' Crossport.

That forced Rand to confess to his family and seek support. Although shocked by the revelation, they were more concerned about his safety and sneaked him out of Crossport, claiming publicly that Rand went to start a business far, far away.

Now, Rand works as a lumberjack near Eversun. He can finally be himself. Alone in the woods without friends or family, he welcomes every visiting Gyee with passion.

Forming a Pact[]

Rand's rarity: SR

Max Epiphany without Illumination: Level 5

The player can form a pact with Rand by the following methods:

  • Starter Summon
    • Rand is available by default within the starter summon pool
  • Limited Summon
    • You can form a pact with Rand by summoning him on his limited-time banner.
  • Blessings
    • The player must purchase 3,000 White Dragon Stones and redeem "Gift - Five-Eyed Gyee" for Rand



Butcher's Knife
Cost: None
Cool Down: None
Flux: Non-elemental
Type: Melee
Skill Description
Rand wields the huge weapon to 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK*[Skill Level]. Each damage dealt grants [Focused Mind].
  • [Focused Mind]: Increases Speed by 5% for 3 rounds, up to 3 stacks.

Skill Level

  1. 76%
  2. 84%
  3. 93%
  4. 102%
  5. 111%
Requires 50 Gyee Insight to unlock
  • Tough Skin
    • Each [Focused Mind] grants 3% P.DEF and M.DEF.


Saw Party
Cost: None
Cool Down: 3 Rounds
Flux: Fire
Type: Melee
Skill Description
Rand spins with a saw in hand. The wood chips fly everywhere and deals immediate damage as well as damage over time to all units. Deals P.ATK*[Skill Level][ P.DMG to all units (allies and enemies, but allies take significantly less damage), and places [Splash] on all units (allies and enemies, ignores effect resistance) that have less SPD than Rand.
  • [Splash]: While the effect is active, takes Bleed damage equal to caster's P. ATK*100% (Reduce damage taken of allies greatly due to long distance). Lasts 2 rounds.

Skill Level

  1. 114%
  2. 127%
  3. 140%
  4. 153%
  5. 166%
Requires 150 Gyee Insight each to unlock
  • Cutout
    • Increases damage of the [Saw Party] by 20%.
  • Good Care
    • If there is only 1 enemy when [Saw Party] is cast, the enemy will receive 60% additional damage.


Business Purpose
Cost: 45 Rage
Cool Down: None
Flux: Fire
Type: Ranged
Skill Description
Rand saws off a tree to smash it on 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK*[Skill Level]. The more HP the target loses, the more damage Rand deals. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.

Skill Level

  1. 382%
  2. 415%
  3. 448%
  4. 481%
  5. 514%
Requires 300 Gyee Insight each to unlock
  • Thick Slice
    • Increases damage of the [Business Purpose] by 30%.
  • Great Passion
    • Increases [Business Purpose]'s Crit Rate by 15%.
  • Get Serious
    • [Business Purpose] ignores 50% of the target's P.DEF.


Cost: None
Cool Down: None
Skill Description
Rand's unique logging skills increases his skill damage by (10.96% + Mastery Bonus) and makes him immune to [Sleep] effects from enemies at the beginning of the battle. The effect cannot be dispelled.
'I take sleep seriously.'
Used to stressful work, Rand can sleep in battles and gains [Nap] effect after each round starts.
  • [Nap]: restore Max HP*12% HP before acting. If take any damage, gain [Groggy] effect and then remove [Nap]. The effect lasts for 1 round and cannot be dispelled.
  • [Groggy]: While the effect is active, it increases damage dealt by 15%. The effect lasts for 1round and can be dispelled.


Basic Engraving[]

  • Valor Engraving (MaxHP +1.92% per Engraving level)
    • Each engraving level requires I.N. Flux - Fire x120 and Gold x25,000

Imprint Skill[]

The following Imprint Skill can be equipped on other Gyees and Avatars once unlocked.

Time to Rest
Skill Type: Passive
Class Allowed: DPS
Banned: Rand
Stage 1
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 2
Increases self's DMG Dealt by 3%, if the wearer is a [Fire] Flux Avatar or Gyee, additionally increases the damage by 7%.
Stage 2
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 4
Reduces self's DMG taken from avatars or Gyees by 8%, and additionally reduces self's DMG taken from [Metal] flux avatars or Gyees by 16%.
Stage 3
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 6
At the beginning of each battle, self gets [Time to Rest].
  • [Time to Rest]: becomes Ablaze status for 22 rounds, cannot be dispelled, will be removed upon defeat, and cannot be stacked.
    • After self's action, gets [Half-Time Break]
    • Note: It conflicts with [Blood Lock] and [Ablaze] effects.
  • [Half-Time Break], lasts 1 rounds, can be dispelled, will be removed upon defeat, and cannot be stacked.
    • Before self's action, heals self for 10% of Max HP, after that, removes self's [Half-Time Break]
    • When attacked and suffers HP Loss, gets [Counterattack Moment] and removes [Half-Time Break].
  • [Counterattack Moment], lasts until self acts, can be dispelled, will be removed upon defeat, and cannot be stacked.
    • Increases self's M.DMG Dealt by 15%
    • Increases self's P.DMG Dealt by 8%.


Date Choices[]

Dates will give either 500, 700, or 900 intimacy points depending on the choice selected.

  • Bathhouse - There's a lot of things to prepare for a trip to the bathhouse with Rand. What item should you give to him?
    • Cue: Come on in.
      • Hand over soap.
        700 Intimacy
      • Hand over towel.
        500 Intimacy
      • Hand over sponge.
        900 Intimacy
  • Trends - What's should you do when helping Rand out?
    • Cue: Would you be interested in sorting, timbering, or construction?
      • Making furniture.
        900 Intimacy
      • Sorting lumber.
        700 Intimacy
      • Timbering.
        500 Intimacy
  • Vacation - You at the beach on vacation with Rand. Do you wish to eat seafood, swim in the waters, or enjoy a light snooze alongside him?
    • Cue: What do you suggest we do at the beach?
      • Nap in a seaside resort.
        900 Intimacy
      • Eat seafood.
        500 Intimacy
      • Swim in ocean.
        700 Intimacy

Intimacy Blocks[]

To reach Intimacy levels 7 and 11, Rand needs mementos (found in Darkflux Raid), reiki (found in Extreme Fight or Arcana Tracker), and the following block item:

  • Intimacy Level 7
    • S-Eversun
      • This drink captures the sunshine of Eversun perfectly.
        Used in Intimacy Breakthrough with Rand. Obtained through enemies in Flux Shock.
  • Intimacy Level 11
    • Nasal Spray
      • A necessary medicine for pipe workers. It can also be used to repel monsters in emergency.
        Used to break through Rand's Intimacy Block. Obtained in Flux Shock.

Butler Interactions[]

Before Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: No one else around, so how 'bout an early drink?
  • Torso: I'm just your average lumberjack now.
  • Waist: So casual?

After reaching Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: You're... interesting.
  • Torso: I'll show you what a real man is.
  • Waist: Muscle and attitude make a badass!


Unlock views by leveling the intimacy of other gyees.

  • Hart: A really nice uncle. Hope he can return home soon!
    Hart's Intimacy reaches Lv.2 to unlock
  • Mike: We agreed to run business together, but this guy quitted!
    Mike's Intimacy reaches Lv.4 to unlock
  • Choji: Mr.Rand would bring a large group of people and order a large table of food! He's such a generous and forthright guy!
    Choji's Intimacy reaches Lv.6 to unlock
  • Rupor: I don't like this guy. My hard-designed clothes is totally a waste on him. He's better looking when naked.
    Rupor's Intimacy reaches Lv.8 to unlock
  • A Past Business Partner: He proposed a business plan that ended up at the Impulse Bar!
  • A Rupor Show Audience: Heard Rand has been in seclusion somewhere. But can somebody just tell me where he is exactly?
  • A White Cape Soldier: Every single cutie at the Impulse Bar would say Rand rocks. But where is this Rand guy?


Consolation Letter[]

How are you doing, bro?

It's so boring to be in the mountain alone. I can't even meet someone else for weeks! Sometimes I just think that even some trouble-making White Capes will do!

Sigh, I can't even exercise too often, or my muscle will get hurt... So I have brewed some wine to kill my time, and it drinks nice!

I have heard you are still fight everywhere. Come visit me when you are in the Eversun again, and let's have some drink together!

Bath Drama[]

  • Did anyone see the soap I dropped?
  • A hot bath after workout. Anything better than this?
  • Come here. Closer. Let me rub you for a bit!

Intimacy Breakthrough[]

This section contains spoilers for Intimacy Breakthrough scenes.

-Intimacy Level 4
Rand: This is a nice gift!
Rand: Very insightful!

-Intimacy Level 5
Rand: You wanna go work out with me?
Rand: It feels pretty good to wash off after a workout!

-Intimacy Level 6
Rand: You've had something on your mind lately, haven't you?
Rand: It's not worth it.
Rand: Running into bad luck or difficulties is bad enough.
Rand: If you let these things make you unhappy, isn't that just making it worse?
Rand: Eat! Drink! And don't take things to heart.

-Intimacy Level 7
Rand: I live just near Eversun, but I don't come out here often.
Rand: Yesterday I heard some villagers who'd gone into the mountains to pick herbs but were taking a break mention a wine called 'Sunlight.'
Rand: I was up all night thinking about it. Today I specially went into the city to find this wine.
Player: Is 'Sunlight' an Eversun specialty?
Rand: Yeah. They really picked a good name for it.
Rand: Sicne it's become Eversun's hometown wine, it's got to be good.
Player: Since it's good wine, we can't just not try it!
Player: Let's go. My treat.
Scene transition
Rand: The golden wine shimmers at night like the sunlight of Eversun.'
Rand: It's really top-notch stuff. It's earned its reputation.
Rand: Don't you think Eversun is a really nice place to live?
Rand: It's bustling with people, but it hasn’t lost that friendly touch.
Rand: It's no wonder that Hou planted his roots here.
Player: What about you?
Player: You like the people and the life. Move here and settle down!
Rand: And do as you please.
Rand: Anyway, floating around on the outside, living in the forest, I'm free.
Rand: Besides, my roots are still in Crossport. I can't just pull them out.
Rand: Speaking of my hometown...
Rand: Sunlight is Eversun's hometown liquor.
Rand: Crossport's most famous is Crossport Beer.
Rand: You treated me to some Sunlight.
Rand: Let's find an opportunity, and I'll take you to taste Crossport's special beer.
Player: All right!

-Intimacy Level 8
Rand: Didn't I say at one point that I was going to take you to try out some of Crossport's special beer?
Rand: Later, I thought about it, and I realized that what I drank back in Crossport was Thick Ale.
Rand: Then I bought a couple cans of beer at Eversun. It simply cannot compare to Thick Ale.
Rand: How about... I pay a visit to Rupor, put on some makeup, get all dressed up?
Rand: And then we can sneak into Crossport together?
Rand: Trust me. Once you taste Crossport's Thick Ale, you'll understand.
Rand: The adventure is worth it!

-Intimacy Level 9
Rand: Don't judge Crossport for being closed-minded and conservative.
Rand: The food here is the best in the world!
Rand: And do you know why so many people join the White Capes?
Rand: It's because their food is better than the food in the restaurants outside the city!
Rand: You don't believe me!
Rand: When we get the chance, I'll take you to try them out!

-Intimacy Level 10
Rand: Before, you asked me what I wanted to do in the future. If I wanted to go out on an adventure...
Rand: Truthfully, I don't really want to.
Rand: It's not that I'm afraid I'll get killed by White Capes. As long as I put on makeup, I'm even willing to go to Crossport.
Rand: Mmm... I remember when I was a little more than 20 years old, I loved going out on adventures.
Rand: I wanted to go everywhere. And as soon as I said I was gonna go somewhere, I'd go.
Rand: I was inexperienced back then.
Rand: The more inexperienced someone is, the more curious they are, the more easily excited they get, and the more reckless they are.
Rand: Haha, to be frank, it's kind of like getting drunk.
Rand: Now I think, what's the fun in adventure?
Rand: There are roads all over the place. It's best to take things slow. No need to be in a hurry or rush around.
Rand: Of course, all I lack is an interest and the mind to go out on adventures. But drive, that I've got plenty of.
Rand: So if there's somewhere you want to run off to, let me know, and we'll go together!

-Intimacy Level 11
Rand: The weather just warmed up, and my nose is about to have a hard time again.
Rand: (Audibly inhaling through his nose) ... Ay.
Rand: Haha, it's the time of year again when I sleep breathing through my mouth.
Player: What's wrong with your nose?
Rand: Haha, chronic allergies.
Rand: The second I come into contact with dandelion pollen...
Rand: My nose gets itchy and hurts and it gets stopped up.
Player: Do you use any medicine?
Player: It doesn’t look like there's too much medicine in this mountain forest of yours...
Player: I'm going to go get some for you.
Scene transition
Rand: This spray is pretty useful.
Rand: My nose feels much better!
Player: Nasal spray can only alleviate the symptoms of allergies, not treat the underlying condition.
Player: If you don't treat the source of your allergy, then you're just going to keep having nose problems.
Player: If you already knew that it was dandelions that were making you so uncomfortable...
Player: Why didn't you clear out the entrance of your home?
Player: Wouldn't that solve the whole problem?
Rand: Haha, forget it.
Rand: They put their roots here first.
Rand: I'm just staying for a short while. This is their home.
Rand: It's not worth eradicating them all just so I can feel comfortable.
Rand: Speaking of this word, eradication...
Rand: It always makes me think - we cannot emulate the White Capes.
Rand: In Crossport, Gyee are the source of the White Capes' allergies.
Rand: They want to completely eliminate them...
Rand: But they can't eliminate them all. And the Gyee's thirst for revenge grows.
Rand: Violence just breeds more violence. Then we all lose!
Rand: When someone threatens another's interests, it's best to take a few steps back.
Rand: And be more tolerant.
Rand: And we can all move on with our lives.
Rand: Haha, do you agree?
Player: You've got a big heart.
Player: You've come to understand, that only through generosity can we be free.

-Intimacy Level 12
Rand: You're talking about those brothers at the Pulse Bar...
Rand: I really miss them. I also want to go give those White Capes the old what-for.
Rand: But that would be pointless. I'd only be asking for trouble.
Rand: Whether tragedy happens is usually not up to us.
Rand: But whether the tragedy will end depends on our attitude.
Rand: It depends on if you can get over the hole in your heart.
Rand: Of course, that's easier said than done.
Rand: But what is lost... Just act as though you never had it. That's not bad, is it?
Rand: Someone once said, turn tragedy on its head and it becomes comedy.
Rand: I tried.
Rand: It didn't work, but that's not to say it had no effect.
Rand: Now I feel like, it's not like I haven't had good days.
Rand: Same with those brothers.
Rand: Not to mention...
Rand: These guys who ran out. If they don't change their mindset... then actually it would've been better to stay.
Rand: That's life.

-Intimacy Level 13
Rand: It's been so long since I last saw you. I really miss you.
Rand: Haha, actually, I can't figure out how I feel about you.
Rand: In the evenings when I'm alone and can't sleep, I think...
Rand: Ay, it would be perfect if this person would come and drink a couple glasses with me.
Rand: In the daytime when I'm working out, I'll think...
Rand: Ay, it would be perfect if this person would come and give me a bottle of water.
Rand: Haha. Maybe it's just that my temperament still hasn't completely matured yet. Don't worry too much about it!
Rand: But let's be honest... do you only think of me as an ordinary friend?
Rand: Haha, you don't know what to say?
Rand: Then how would you describe our relationship right now?
Rand: Hmm... Close friends? A couple of scoundrels?
Rand: Or... Brothers? Partners?
Rand: Or maybe... You have some suggestions of your own?


This section contains spoilers for Date scenes.


Rand: I'm taking a dip. You coming?
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Rand: Perfect water temperature.
Rand: Come on in.

-Hand over soap. - 700 Intimacy
Rand: Thanks, but...
Rand: I don't need it for this.
Rand: There's a honeylocust tree by my cabin.
Rand: If you like soaps,
Rand: I'll make some from it and bring it next time.
Rand: Now come soak with me.

-Hand over towel. - 500 Intimacy
Rand: What do we need towels for in here?
Rand: We're all men, nothing to be shy about!
Rand: We'll get towels to towel off after this.
Rand: Come soak next to me.

-Hand over sponge. - 900 Intimacy
Rand: Yes, I was looking for this.
Rand: It is multipurpose.
Rand: You can use it to wash yourself, get bubbles going, and even massage yourself with it.
Rand: Wanna give it a try?
Rand: Come sit next to me.
Rand: Let me show you how it's done.


Rand: Got a lot of orders in lately. Can you help out?
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Player: I got no experience, though.
Rand: I'll show you.
Rand: Would you be interested in sorting, timbering, or construction?

-Making furniture. - 900 Intimacy
Rand: Making and polishing furniture is fine work.
Rand: Come with me to my place.
Rand: I made a feast for you.
Rand: That will give you the chance to check out the furniture in the house too.
Rand: We can talk over the meal.
Rand: I have a lot of ideas I can share.
Rand: You can start off with knickknacks to familiarize yourself.
Rand: Then come back if you're interested.
Player: Didn't you need my help because you're busy?
Player: Why is it not urgent all of a sudden?
Rand: It was never urgent.
Rand: I just wanted an excuse to have dinner with you.

-Sorting lumber. - 700 Intimacy
Rand: We need three types of lumber sorted today.
Rand: Camphor, heavy and sturdy with a rich scent, pest-, mite-, mold- and moisture-proof.
Rand: Teak, not easily warped, elegant texture, resilient against corrosion.
Rand: Elm, tough and durable, ideal for carving and sculpting.
Rand: We're not in a hurry.
Rand: Come have a meal with me at my place.
Rand: So you'll work on a full stomach.

-Timbering. - 500 Intimacy
Rand: Timbering is hard work.
Rand: You don't just rush into it.
Rand: Come have a meal with me at my place.
Rand: So you'll work on a full stomach.


Rand: I'm going on vacation. Wanna come?
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Rand: Finally found the time to relax.
Rand: What do you suggest we do at the beach?

-Nap in a seaside resort. - 900 Intimacy
Rand: Yes, my favorite.
Rand: I love sleeping in a resort with a full view of the beachfront.
Rand: Few things are more enjoyable than a quality sleep.
Rand: Come with me to pick a room and let's sleep together.

-Eat seafood. - 500 Intimacy
Rand: Okay!
Rand: Lobster or crab?
Rand: Abalone or sea urchin?
Rand: Just tell me and I'll get it from the sea.

-Swim in ocean. - 700 Intimacy
Rand: Not a bad suggestion.
Rand: You didn't come to the beach if you didn't take a swim in the ocean.
Rand: Do you know how to swim?
Rand: If not, I can teach you.
Rand: If you do, let's have a warmup race.
Rand: I'll lead you into the sea.


This section contains spoilers for the Trifle. Please use a desktop browser for the best viewing experience.

King Dancer

Rand has been in the mountains for too long. So he decides to visit Never Isle with you. Where to have fun?

-Part 1
Scene - Never Isle
Rand: This is Never Isle?
Choice 1A - What, are you disappointed? Or...
Rand: How could I be disappointed?
Rand: You can't tell it's not even twenty years old yet!
Rand: I thought it would just be a refuge for Gyee, that it would just be a bunch of simple cabins or whatever...
Rand: But now I see it could even give Crossport a run for its money!
Choice 1B - You looking to settle down?
Rand: Haha, I was just thinking.
Rand: After all those years up in the mountains, I've gotten too attached to my work!
Rand: I've gone a whole day without sawing anything, and it doesn't feel right!
Rand: You think I could cut down that cherry tree in the middle of the road?
Choice 1B.1 - Saw away! What are you afraid of? - 5 Intimacy
Rand: Hahaha, you think you can fool me?
Rand: If I cut it down, the master of that Kendo Club would probably cut me down!
Choice 1B.2 - Are you thinking about it all the way? - 8 Intimacy
Rand: Haha, so you noticed?
Choice 1C - Is it too big? You scared or something? - 8 Intimacy
Rand: Isn't that my line, child?
Rand: However, I never imagined Never Isle would be so big.
Rand: Before I got here, I thought it was just a normal refuge.
Rand: That it would just be a bunch of simple cabins.
Rand: If I remember correctly, Never Isle was built less than twenty years ago, right?
Rand: But it's already so prosperous. It could give Crossport a run for its money, and Crossport's a hundred years old!
Conversation continues after choices
Rand: We probably shouldn't just stand here chatting.
Rand: What's fun to do here? Why don't you show me around?
Rand: The more exciting, the better! Something that's gonna make me sweat!
Choice 2A - Let's go to the academy's library and saw down some bookshelves!
Rand: Are you trying to get me in trouble?
Choice 2A.1 - Sure. Use your huge weapon, huge saw to cause some trouble!
Rand: Haha, forget it. That's not for me. I wouldn't dare!
Choice 2A.2 - Didn't you say you wanted some excitement?
Rand: Haha. Isn't there something else exciting we could do?
Choice 2B - Let's go down to the underground tunnels and remove screws!
Rand: I'm not familiar with the construction of your underground tunnels...
Rand: But I don't think anything good would come of that.
Choice 2B.1 - We'd get a little wet, that's all.
Rand: Don't mistake me for someone who is easily fooled by understatements.
Choice 2B.2 - We might get a little stinky.
Rand: You've got some really unique interests, you know that?
Rand: I'm not one to talk, however.
Choice 2C - Let's go to the Oathblades and pull on some wolf fur!
Rand: Haha, are you talking about Miles's friend, Grey?
Player: You've heard of Grey...
Rand: The White Capes headquarters is just down the street from me.
Rand: Miles is their enemy number one. His bounty even exceeds his boss Markus's.
Rand: The Gyee bar I visit the most even has their posters on the wall!
Player: I had no idea Miles was so famous...
Conversation continues after choices
Ticket Sales Kevin: Hey, Rupor Show will really help you break a sweat!
Rand: Rupor? Isn't she already...
Ticket Sales Kevin: She's back and hotter than ever!
Rand: For real? How did that happen?
Ticket Sales Kevin: Really! You're carrying a terrifying saw. I wouldn't dare lie to you!
Ticket Sales Kevin: There's no time to explain. The Rupor Show is about to have their special 'Arrogant King Dancer Competition!'
Ticket Sales Kevin: You're handsome and wild. It'd be a shame if you didn't sign up!
Rand: Well when you say it like that, of course I want to sign up!
Ticket Sales Kevin: You wanna sign up, too, brother?
Player: No, no. I'm not as wild as he is. I can't even dance!
Rand: It doesn't matter if you can't dance. I'm just going to go up and dance like a madman!
Choice 3A - I think I'll be able to admire you better from the audience. - 5 Intimacy
Rand: Stop it, stop it! You keep flattering me, I'm gonna get ahead of myself!
Rand: We'd better haul ass.
Choice 3B - You go on stage. What chance do I have?
Rand: Stop it, stop it! You keep flattering me, I'm gonna get ahead of myself!
Rand: We'd better haul ass.
Conversation continues after choices
Scene - Rupor Show
Rupor: Heavens! Look at this cool guy...
Rupor: Isn't that Rand from the Pulse Bar in Crossport?
Rupor: Tell me, sisters. Do my eyes deceive me?
Some Audience: Wow, is it really Rand?
Some Audience: I hear nowadays he lives deep in the mountains, all by himself. He must be so lonely!
Some Audience: Good gracious me! Look at all his muscles!
Rand: Haha, I didn't think you actually existed!
Rupor: I didn't think you actually existed because...
Rupor: You're such a healthy and vigorous young man, and yet you've never come on my show once in all these years!
Rupor: Well, babes. Don't you think he should be punished?
Choice 4A - Strip tease! - 8 Intimacy
Rand: That easy, huh?
Choice 4B - Kneel down and propose to the host! - 5 Intimacy
Rand: Please. For the Arrogant King Dancer Competition, we need to get arrogant!
Rand: Kneeling is so uninspired. And a marriage proposal is also rather boring, don't you think?
Audiences: Boring! Boring!
Rupor: Don't think I don't know what you're whispering about down there!
Choice 4C - Use the electric saw to shave his chest!
Rand: All right! If you've got the guts, come up here and I'll give you a shave!
Some Audience: Not fair! Why won't you shave me?
Conversation continues after choices
Some Audience: Mr. Chainsaw, show us some acrobatics!
Some Audience: You really like difficult feats like these, huh? I still wanna see a strip tease!
Some Audience: Don't stop at stripping down! Use your saw to cut all your clothes into little pieces!
Some Audience: Including your socks!
Audiences: Strip tease! Strip tease!
Rupor: Quiet, my babes. Quiet!
Rupor: People always like to say my show doesn't live up to the hype. Today...
Rand: Why are you talking so much? Don't tell me you don't want to see the strip tease?!
Audiences: Wow!
Some Audience: Openly provoking the host! This really is a wild show!
Some Audience: This man is challenging the empress!
Some Audience: Deep in the mountains, the only holes you can find are the ones in trees. He just can't help himself!
Rupor: Heavens! I love it when handsome guys skip the foreplay!
Rupor: Straight to the point!
Rand performs some moves with his chainsaw
Some Audience: Wow, what a stylish guy!
Some Audience: He's looking at me! He's looking at me with feeling!
Some Audience: Try not to fall in love. He's looking at everybody with feeling!
Some Audience: It's a dangerous and enticing feeling... I just want to go up and embrace him!
Some Audience: Even if it kills me!
Some Audience: He's so transgressive! We can't see how he's taking off his clothes!
Rand performs more moves with his chainsaw
Some Audience: I just want to rush the stage! I want to touch the ground beneath his feet... Ah! How intoxicating!
Audiences: Woooooooooooo!
Rand strips down to his shorts
Rupor: Sisters, control yourselves.
The camera pans up to Rand's chest
Rupor: I don't want my show's set to turn into a battlefield!
Rupor: All right, ladies! Shout out your scores!
Some Audience: 10 points! 10 points! Definitely 10 points!
Some Audience: 11 points! That's the score he deserves!
Rupor: All right, all right. I know what you're thinking.
Rupor: Well then, Mr. Chainsaw's final score is...
Rupor: Max score! 10 points!
Audiences: Woooooooooooo!
Rupor: You can give up to ten points!
Choice 5A - 10 points! - 5 Intimacy
Rand: I'm swelling with excitement!
Choice 5B - 8 points! - 8 Intimacy
Rand: I didn't expect you to be so objective!
Choice 5C - 0 points!
Rand: Hahaha, you're just joking, right?
Rand: The dance was pretty bad, but I feel so wild, there's no way it was a 0!
Conversation continues after choices
Rand walks up to the audience
Rand: (Whispering to you) Oops. I might have taken it too far!
Choice 6A - Haha, been shut up in the mountains for too long? - 5 Intimacy
Rand: Hey, why do you have to say it like that, too?
Rand: Anyway, it's true.
Rand: I haven't had my fill of fun yet, but we need to get out of here anyway.
Rand: Let's wait for the place to clear out. We might get surrounded...
Choice 6B - Want to leave soon? - 8 Intimacy
Rand: Haha, I was thinking the same thing.
Rand: I haven't had my fill of fun yet, but we'll need to wait for the place to clear out first. We wouldn't be able to get out right now.
Rand: Let's sneak out now while we can!
Choice 6C - I feel high as a kite! - 11 Intimacy
Rand: I didn't realize you were thinking the same thing!
Rand: Looks like you and I are the same. We've both been repressed for a long time.
Rand: But we still need to get out of here while we can!
Rand: Let's wait for the place to clear out. We might get surrounded...
Conversation continues after choices
Rand: We can keep having fun, but let's change the venue.
Rand: I'm covered in sweat. I want to take a shower.
Rand: But I also want to drink. Showering after a nice drink would feel great.
Choice 7A - A place where you can drink while you shower?
Rand: Is there a place like that?
Player: There is. Follow me!
Rand: Heh heh, let's go!
Choice 7B - I'll bring the wine. You bring the stories!
Rand: Don't you know all my stories?
Player: I wanna hear the details.
Both Choice 7B.1 - "What are your friends from the Pulse Bar like?" OR Choice 7B.2 - "Are you married?"
Rand: Haha. A glass of wine per question. Once the wine hits my belly, then I'll start talking!
Player: Interesting. Follow me!
Rand: Heh heh, let's go!
Conversation continues after choices
Some Audience: Ah! He wants to run!
Some Audience: Stop him! Damn. He's probably going to find a hole in a tree...
Some Audience: Who's that wild man with him?
Some Audience: Wow, are they eloping? How romantic...
Some Audience: Ahhh! He just passed by me! I touched him! Ahhh!
Rand: Hoo... We sure ran out of there!
Rand: Where did you just say we were going?
Rand: I hope it's not some hole-in-the-wall place!
Player: It's not. You'll know when we get there!
Scene ends



Default Skin

Rand Default.png
Front Back
Rand Front.png
Rand Back.png
Right Left
Rand Right.png
Rand Left.png

Epiphany Skin
Reach Epiphany Level 4 to unlock

RandEphi Default.png
Front Back
RandEphi Front.png
RandEphi Back.png
Right Left
RandEphi Right.png
RandEphi Left.png

Haunting Skin
Unlock with Skin Coupon x198

RandHaun Default.png
Front Back
RandHaun Front.png
RandHaun Back.png
Right Left
RandHaun Right.png
RandHaun Left.png

Cool Skin
Unlock with Cool Skin Coupon x100

Front/Default Back
Right Left


Rand Normal.png
Rand Surprised.png
Rand Happy.png
Rand Angry.png


Title: Cleaning
Artist: Gyee Team
Unlock requirements: Rand's Intimacy reaches Lv.5 to unlock

Title: King Dancer
Artist: Zifu
Unlock requirements: Rand's Epiphany reaches Lv.2 and Intimacy reaches Lv.8 to unlock

Title: Haunting
Artist: Gyee Team
Unlock requirements: Obtain Rand's Haunting Skin to unlock

Title: Spying Eyes
Artist: Konohanaya
Unlock requirements: Rand's Epiphany reaches 3-Star and Intimacy reaches Lv.10 to unlock


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