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Priapus - A Draconian Messenger in human shape.

Arrogant yet deadly and charismatic. Though his power is limited, he is still fearsome.

Can anyone resist his charm?


The Draconians inhabit the Cloudend Isles in the far east, where the Embodiment of Ka is rumored to be and therefore no Shadow could reach. Following the Second Shadow War, Draconians had never showed themselves on Wonderland again. In the intervening millennia, many people sought Cloudend Isles by boat, but almost all met their end in sea storm.

But that doesn't mean the Draconians knew nothing about the humans. Very few dragons could take human forms, and Priapus is one. The elders chose him as the God's messenger and sent him to observe in Wonderland to make sure the Shadow's influence does not grow.

While weaker in human form, Priapus nevertheless is still powerful. His ability to control the Flux is beyond any Arcanist could imagine. To limit his power, other Draconians inscribed extra prismatic runes around him.

Priapus is very proud to be a dragon. He'll hold back and play with you when he's in a good mood, but turn you into ashes with fire from his eyes when he's feeling angry.

Forming a Pact[]

Priapus's rarity: SSR

Max Epiphany without Illumination: Level 6

The player can form a pact with Priapus by the following methods:

  • Starter Summon
    • Priapus is available by default within the starter summon pool
  • Limited Summon
    • You can form a pact with Priapus by summoning him on his limited-time banner.



Cost: 10 Mana
Cool Down: None
Flux: Non-elemental
Type: Ranged
Skill Description
Priapus gives out dragon breath, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK*[Skill Level] to 1 enemy and inflicting [Meltdown].
  • [Meltdown]: Priapus's damage toward targets affected by [Meltdown] ignores 45% M.DEF, lasting 2 rounds.
    [Meltdown] remains on only one enemy target.

Skill Level

  1. 70%
  2. 78%
  3. 86%
  4. 94%
  5. 102%
Requires 50 Gyee Insight to unlock
  • Refined Fire
    • Increases the damage of Dragonfire by 40%.

Unlock with Rainbow Skin

  • Rainbow Rush
    • In PVE battle, Dragonfire, Prismatic Assault and Dragonkin inflict [Rainbow Rush] to the target upon each hit. In the first 3 rounds of each battle, reduces self's Hatred caused by DMG by 100%.
      • [Rainbow Rush]: Each stack increases the DMG when hit by Prismatic Assault by 25%, stacking up to 4 times. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled.


Prismatic Assault
Cost: 45 Mana
Cool Down: None
Flux: Fire
Type: Ranged
Skill Description
Priapus fires out a deadly Flux Impact toward all enemies. Each of the 5 flux deals M.DMG equal to M.ATK*[Skill Level] to 1 enemy.

Skill Level

  1. 83%
  2. 93%
  3. 103%
  4. 113%
  5. 123%
Requires 150 Gyee Insight each to unlock
  • Color Seal
    • Increases the damage of Prismatic Assault by 30%.
  • Essence Extraction
    • The enemy hit by Prismatic Assault with 2 flux flows has a high chance to be [Silenced].
      • [Silence]: While the effect is active, targets affected can only use normal attack, lasting 2 rounds.


Divine Punishment
Cost: None
Cool Down: 3 Rounds
Flux: Fire
Type: Ranged
Skill Description
Priapus brings down the divine punishment to all enemies, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK*[Skill Level] and gaining [Holy Messenger]. If Priapus already has [Holy Messenger] when releasing Divine Punishment, his HP and MP will be converted into the record value of [Holy Messenger].
  • [Holy Messenger]: [Blood Lock] status; while the effect is active, records Priapus's HP and MP when he casts the skill, and reduces Priapus's Mana recovery per round to 0. When Priapus endures a fatal damage, automatically get HP and MP recorded in [Holy Messenger]. Then removes the [Holy Messenger], and the [Divine Punishment] cools down for 2 rounds. Lasts 4 rounds, or vanishes when Priapus's MP is 0. This effect conflicts with [Blood Lock] and [Ablaze] effects.

Skill Level

  1. 203%
  2. 215%
  3. 227%
  4. 239%
  5. 251%
Requires 300 Gyee Insight each to unlock
  • Extended Follow-up
    • Extends [Holy Messenger] to 5 rounds.
  • Holy Grace
    • When granted with [Holy Messenger], the [Divine Punishment] removes all debuffs.
  • Spirit Breakthrough
    • Increases [Divine Punishment] damage by 15%.


Cost: None
Cool Down: None
Skill Description
Priapus gains [Holy Messenger] before the battle begins.
Every round before action, Priapus deals M.DMG equal to M.ATK*(100.00% + Mastery Bonus) to 1 random enemy. Enemies affected by [Meltdown] will be attacked by [Dragonkin] first.


Basic Engraving[]

  • Wisdom Engraving (M.ATK +0.48% per Engraving level)
    • Each engraving level requires I.N. Flux - Fire x120 and Gold x25,000

Imprint Skill[]

The following Imprint Skill can be equipped on other Gyees and Avatars once unlocked.

God's Day
Skill Type: Passive
Class Allowed: Mage
Banned: Priapus
Stage 1
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 2
Increases self's DMG Dealt by 3%, if the wearer is a [Fire] Flux Avatar or Gyee, additionally increases the damage by 7%.
Stage 2
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 4
Reduces self's DMG taken from avatars or Gyees by 8%, and additionally reduces self's DMG taken from [Metal] flux avatars or Gyees by 16%.
Stage 3
Unlocked at Epiphany Lv. 6
At the beginning of each battle, self gets [God's Day].
  • [God's Day]: Blood lock status, lasting 22 rounds, cannot be dispelled, will be removed upon defeat, and cannot be stacked.
    • Records self's HP and Flux upon getting this effect
    • After casting Defense, if self's HP isn't full and has no debuffs, gets [God's Day] recorded HP and Flux, after that, removes self's [God's Day]
    • Before self receives fatal damage, gets Ablaze and [God's Weep]
    • Note: It conflicts with [Blood Lock] and [Ablaze] effects.
  • [God's Weep], lasts until the end of the battle, cannot be purified, won't be removed upon defeat, and cannot be stacked.
    • Before self's action, removes self's [God's Day]
    • Increases 15% DMG taken for self


Date Choices[]

Dates will give either 500, 700, or 900 intimacy points depending on the choice selected.

  • Seaside - Converse with a god by the seaside at night. Why don't you ask him about himself?
    • Cue: Does this satisfy your curiosity?
      • Stare into horizon.
        500 Intimacy
      • Touch Dragon tattoo.
        900 Intimacy
      • Ask about hometown.
        700 Intimacy
  • Dream - The door into your dreamland. Will you open it for your lover?
    • Cue: If you want, I'll make an exception and interpret it for a human.
      • Sweet dream.
        700 Intimacy
      • Nightmare.
        500 Intimacy
      • Premonition.
        900 Intimacy
  • A Wish - God will grant your wish.
    • Cue: Just tell me whatever it is you want.
      • Nothing.
        500 Intimacy
      • Immortality.
        700 Intimacy
      • A lover.
        900 Intimacy
  • Not Serious - Priapus suddenly appeared on the Isle. Catch him quickly!
    • Cue: For you to go to such trouble to find me, you must have something important.
      • You ran into some trouble you need my help with? >>> I refuse.
        300 Intimacy
      • All other routes
        • Cue: Which is also to say, if I determine your existence is a threat...
          • You'll kill me? >>> I love this world. I intend to protect it. >>> I can't wait any longer...
            700 Intimacy
          • You'll kill me? >>> I love this world. I intend to protect it. >>> Ah? No! I refuse!
            900 Intimacy
          • You'll kill me? >>> Don't worry. All I want to do is find a way home.
            500 Intimacy
          • You'll seduce me?
            700 Intimacy

Intimacy Blocks[]

To reach Intimacy levels 7 and 11, Priapus needs mementos (found in Darkflux Raid), reiki (found in Extreme Fight or Arcana Tracker), and the following block item:

  • Intimacy Level 7
    • S-Destiny Cards
      • Can be used for divination and blocks building.
        Used to break through Priapus's Intimacy Block. Obtained in Extreme Fight.
  • Intimacy Level 11
    • Crazed Machine
      • 'These machines just have learnt some human selfishness and no longer work as hard as they used to do.'
        Used to break through Priapus's Intimacy Block. Obtained in Extreme Fight.

Butler Interactions[]

Regular Skin

Before Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: I don't work for you.
  • Torso: I forgive your futile resistance.
  • Waist: Wanna try anything other than grapes?

After reaching Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: You didn't choose me, I chose you.
  • Torso: You're worthy of my personal punishment.
  • Waist: Are you walking into my snare?

Fancy/Spring Festival Skin

Before Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: It's not time to play yet.
  • Torso: Do you like flames? I can see your heart is burning.
  • Waist: Your massage technique is a little...strange.

After reaching Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: I'm not just going to say what you want me to say. Suffice it to say, in the new year, I will love you dearly.
  • Torso: You like bare skin and warmth, huh? Well there's plenty more where that came from…
  • Waist: Have I awakened your Gyee spirit?

Rainbow Skin

Before Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: No, no, in this weather, it's easy to catch fire if you get too close.
  • Torso: Oh, cool~
  • Waist: Heat makes people sleepy.

After reaching Intimacy Level 8

  • Head: Don't get yourself drowned~
  • Torso: Wanna be this little spring?
  • Waist: Let's find a shady place and... have a rest.


Unlock views by leveling the intimacy of other gyees.

  • Bernard: Hmm, how do I make of him? Even Lord Ursus shows respect for him.
    Bernard's Intimacy reaches Lv.2 to unlock
  • Rupor: Handsome men are dangerous. And he's the most dangerous man...
    Rupor's Intimacy reaches Lv.4 to unlock
  • Yaen: Well, I'm so into his colorful handkerchief!
    Yaen's Intimacy reaches Lv.6 to unlock
  • Ranmaru: Maybe... he knows the whereabouts of Lord Az.
    Ranmaru's Intimacy reaches Lv.8 to unlock
  • Faceless Mage: ¥#@……Rites#%**。@%Dragon's &*Flame!
  • Dragon Lover Ye: Yoooou... statue... You are no living thing. Dear me, somebody help!
  • Tavern Owner: I saw him. He came to drink at my place and left with a pretty-faced man.


Consolation Letter[]

You mean what I did to you last time was a punishment?

I was bestowing joy and happiness to you human, wasn't I?

(A strip of white cloth surrounded by rainbow and dragon pattern falling from the sky...)

Bath Drama[]

  • Entertainment for the mortals... Not so bad.
  • Mortals in a bathhouse... Hmm...
  • A simple bath is boring. Let's add some fun to it!

Intimacy Breakthrough[]

This section contains spoilers for Intimacy Breakthrough scenes.

-Intimacy Level 4
Priapus: Gift from a mortal is useless, but interesting.
Priapus: I will keep it for fun.

-Intimacy Level 5
Priapus: Your persistence touched me.
Priapus: Are you sure...
Priapus: You want me to pay more attention to you?

-Intimacy Level 6
Priapus: Your experiences in this world are one big puzzle.
Priapus: I very much want to...
Priapus: Examine you.
Priapus: I will come for you again.

-Intimacy Level 7
Priapus: I heard there's a recent fad for predicting the future with an object.
Priapus: It's called the 'Destiny Cards.' Did you know that?
Player: Isn't that a lie?
Player: I just play games with it.
Priapus: Things used for augury usually are otherwise mundane or insignificant.
Priapus: It's hard to say whether it works or not.
Priapus: Hey, you, help me out.
Priapus: Bring yourself and the Destiny Cards over to me.
Player: Are you using me as a test subject?
Priapus: That's right.
Priapus: If it works, your fortune is told.
Priapus: If not, it's just a game of toy blocks.
Priapus: How about it?
Player: It sounds like can't-lose for me.
Scene transition
Player: So, do Destiny Cards really foretell fate?
Priapus: Yeah...
Player: Have you seen my future already?
Player: What is it like?
Priapus: Did you know that we Draconians all have some means of predicting our fate?
Priapus: But we have an unwritten rule...
Priapus: You can't read your own future.
Player: Why?
Priapus: Because anyone who does that isn't going to see anything good.
Priapus: Divining the future will cause your future to change, and it will always change for the worse.
Priapus: Our ancestors once did a cruel experiment on a human.
Priapus: They predicted his fate and told him everything.
Priapus: Then kept repeating the process
Priapus: for many, many times.
Priapus: Every revelation made his future worse than the last.
Priapus: Now...
Priapus: Would you still like to know your future?
Player: I... I...
Priapus: Three months from now, the Light Nexus reawakens on the ruins of Azria...
Player: No, no, don't tell me.
Priapus: Hahaha! You seem curious, yet so frightened! That's adorable.
Priapus: Actually, the Destiny Cards do not work at all.
Priapus: Since I promised, I'll play toy blocks with you.
Player: ...
Priapus: What's wrong? Not in the mood to play now?
Priapus: It seems I must...
Priapus: Play a more interesting game with you.

-Intimacy Level 8
Priapus: These two prismatic runes aren't here for decoration.
Priapus: It's a constraint put on me by the Draconian elders.
Priapus: The Draconians live in the Cloudend Isles of the far east, away from Wonderland.
Priapus: We generally keep an eye on the world, but don't care about the conflicts between mortals.
Priapus: As a messenger, I turned into my human form and met people of all kinds.
Priapus: If I don't hold my powers back, I am afraid no mortal could rival me.
Priapus: What, you want a try?
Priapus: Go talk to the elders, then. Hahaha!

-Intimacy Level 9
Priapus: The affairs of mortals, on their own, are uninteresting.
Priapus: However, mortals have amazing patience.
Priapus: One by one, their efforts build up, driving history.
Priapus: It's expected that new things will come out of it.
Priapus: For instance, the space-time rift you experienced recently.
Priapus: Your stories have been increasingly enticing.

-Intimacy Level 10
Priapus: It is very interesting to observe humans in a human body.
Priapus: From the perspective of a Draconian, humans are just little ants crawling on the ground.
Priapus: But on an even field, everyone seems fresh and unique.
Priapus: This has piqued my interest.
Priapus: But my true form isn't suitable for contact with humans.
Priapus: Fortunately, I have you.
Priapus: Will you let me come closer?
Priapus: Don't worry, I just want to...
Priapus: Do some research on you.

-Intimacy Level 11
Priapus: Have you heard of machines going mad?
Player: Some factories are administering IQ tests on their machines, since they don't just talk...
Player: They also seem to respond to external stimuli like people do.
Priapus: Find me that kind of machine, quickly.
Priapus: I'll come get it from you.
Scene transition
Player: When I found a Robot Guard, it was gambling with its mechanical peers.
Player: It doesn't get paid overtime, even though it works perfectly.
Player: A troublemaking machine once claimed they repurposed its parts for a smaller machine, yet it got no time off for it.
Priapus: Truly an interesting group of guys.
Player: So you are interested in the new things too.
Priapus: Interested?
Priapus: You could say that, I guess.
Priapus: The world is changing too fast. If Ka came back, he wouldn't recognize it.
Priapus: We Draconians are tasked by Ka to watch over this continent.
Priapus: After all it's my duty to be interested in these things.
Priapus: Let me ask you, how do you see my existence?
Player: You?
Priapus: I can change people's minds, just like the Shadow can corrupt the heart.
Player: But there's a difference.
Priapus: Is there?
Priapus: The Shadow can't corrupt itself, but I can.
Player: Perhaps. The difference is not significant in terms of ability.
Player: But you use yours for good, whereas the Shadow uses it for evil.
Priapus: What is good? What is evil? Why is the good good, and the evil evil?
Player: Yeah like...
Priapus: What we love, the things Ka has created...
Priapus: Green grass, sunshine, peace, tranquility...
Priapus: The Shadow don't like these. They seek to destroy them and create the world they want.
Priapus: But are we not going to destroy the decay, darkness, chaos, and madness that the Shadow loves so much?
Priapus: There is hostility because we are not the same.
Player: ...
Priapus: But the machines don't like our food. They don't eat or drink...
Priapus: They don't feel love or pain, they don't bleed...
Priapus: They are very different than the Shadow.
Priapus: Once they get a 'racial' identity and gain might...
Priapus: What awaits us is an even more brutal battle.
Player: Must we fight because we're different?
Priapus: There are other means, such as enslavement, subjugation, protection, worship.
Priapus: However, the prelude rests on one group being stronger than another.
Priapus: It's a miracle for different races of equal strength to live in harmony.
Priapus: Az was a miracle worker, but unfortunately, he's rarer than once-in-a-generation.
Player: How about you?
Player: Among the Draconians, you can change into human form, but among humanity, you will always be a dragon...
Player: You're a messenger of Ka, but you cast spells to deceive like the Shadow.
Player: Being different than everyone else, are you trying to create a miracle?
Priapus: Interesting. Guess I'm not the only one who discerns what others are thinking.
Priapus: But I never thought about harmony or miracles before.
Priapus: Until someone different than me -- or should I say an avatar -- came to this world...
Player: Talking about me?
Priapus: Who else? Don't play dumb.
Priapus: Or should I confirm that in a more whimsical way?

-Intimacy Level 12
Priapus: Desire' is a double-edged sword.
Priapus: Sometimes it will activate your potential...
Priapus: Other times it will ruin you.
Priapus: Those who are completely bound by desire are very sad.
Priapus: Desire is like the Shadow, first controlling your mind, then your body.
Priapus: Yet those not ruled by desire are as lifeless as stones by the Elysian River.
Priapus: Every time you see me, there's this fire in your eyes.
Priapus: Be careful not to burn yourself!
Priapus: But today...
Priapus: You can make this fire flourish.
Priapus: Are you ready?

-Intimacy Level 13
Priapus: The creativity of mortals is increasingly eye-catching.
Priapus: Draconians are ancient and noble, but they have not innovated in years.
Priapus: Meeting with you humans allowed me to re-experience...
Priapus: What it feels like to live again.
Priapus: Honestly, it is mostly because of you.
Priapus: So I decided that tonight...
Priapus: I'll give you...
Priapus: A special 'reward'.
Priapus: Do you want it?


This section contains spoilers for Date scenes.


Priapus: I want to go the beach... with only you.
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Priapus: I haven't visited the ocean for a while.
Player: Don't Draconians see it quite often on Cloudend Isles?
Player: You must have taken beach stroll often with someone, right?
Priapus: (chuckling) I see you're still curious about me.
Priapus: I was confined for a long time before leaving Cloudend.
Priapus: I'm used to being alone, even when I was back home.
Priapus: Does this satisfy your curiosity?

-Stare into horizon. - 500 Intimacy
Both staring into the horizon for a long pause.
Priapus: I feel very comfortable with you.
Priapus: Even without any spoken word.

-Touch Dragon tattoo. - 900 Intimacy
Priapus: Dragon tattoos are sentient, you know.
Priapus: It knows how its master feel about you.
Priapus: Which is why it would let you touch it.
Priapus: Later, I'll let you...
Priapus: Touch it all you want.

-Ask about hometown. - 700 Intimacy
Player: I heard Draconians love to hoard valuables.
Player: Where you lived must be paved with gold and gems.
Player: I wish I could go to your home island...
Priapus: Hmm, I'll take that as...
Priapus: You want to go home with me.


Priapus: I won't force it if you don't want to intrude...
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Priapus: Your dreams are indeed peculiar.
Priapus: If you want, I'll make an exception and interpret it for a human.

-Sweet dream. - 700 Intimacy
Priapus: Sweet dreams are slower to forget.
Priapus: What bugged me is...
Priapus: I wasn't in your sweet dreams!
Priapus: I took the liberty of planting thoughts about me in your dreams.
Priapus: I want to know, from your dreams,
Priapus: where I stand in your heart.

-Nightmare. - 500 Intimacy
Priapus: The more real it felt...
Priapus: The more relieved you should be after waking.
Priapus: Life-like' and 'real' are two different things.
Priapus: If you have nightmare again,
Priapus: call my name
Priapus: and I'll save you.

-Premonition. - 900 Intimacy
Priapus: You will go back home.
Priapus: Because I saw the reason to help you reach that goal.
Priapus: Also...
Priapus: The bond between you and me
Priapus: goes deeper than this.
Priapus: Then there's... no more I shall say at this time.
Priapus: Shhhh!

A Wish

Priapus: I want to see you, now.
Player: Yes.
Scene transition
Priapus: I'm in a strangely great mood today.
Priapus: So, as an appreciation for you coming,
Priapus: I shall grant you one wish.
Priapus: Just tell me whatever it is you want.

-Nothing. - 500 Intimacy
Priapus: Interesting.
Priapus: Nothing' actually means 'many'.
Priapus: So much so, they couldn't be distilled into one.
Priapus: In that case…
Priapus: I can only fulfill it literally.
Priapus: So you get nothing.
Priapus: And since you're out here with me in the woods…
Priapus: why don't we go deeper?

-Immortality. - 700 Intimacy
Priapus: You mean like me?
Priapus: It's not something to celebrate over.
Priapus: Everything has a price.
Priapus: Staying in Luxium and your immortality is assured.
Priapus: Returning home and giving up immortality is the price.
Priapus: God loves humans all the same, but treat their wishes differently.
Priapus: I admit I'm biased regarding your wishes,
Priapus: but the key is yourself.
Priapus: Don't have to answer me now. Humans tend to flip-flop, anyway.
Priapus: You have ample time to ponder the choice.
Priapus: You can always catch me later, to cash in or cancel the wish.

-A lover. - 900 Intimacy
Priapus: That's your wish?
Player: Yeah.
Priapus: I'll give you a chance to change your mind.
Player: Nope.
Priapus: (chuckling) You're foolish in a cute way,
Priapus: for making an unnecessary wish.
Priapus: I can only regretfully inform you
Priapus: that it would come true whether you wished for it or not.
Priapus: As in now.
Priapus: Or should I say...
Priapus: It already happened when I first saw you.

The Unscrupulous God

Please use a desktop browser for the best viewing experience.

Priapus: I'm on Never Isle, come talk with me?
Player: Okay.
Scene transition
Player: Why did Luxium's most mysterious man show up today in a place with so many people?
Player: It's not your style.
Priapus: Doing as I please is exactly my style.
Player: But aren't you worried about stirring up trouble by showing in public on Never Isle?
Player: The Oathblades, Order of Equality, and Defense Force all see you as a threat.
Player: Let's meet somewhere else.
Priapus: I could make Never Isle disappear in the blink of an eye, if I so wished!
Player: You're the only one I know who could so casually say such frightening things.
Player: I misspoke. I take it back, please calm down.
Priapus: Don't worry, I'm not angry. I don't plan to start a conflict with them.
Priapus: And with time stopped, they can't start a conflict with me, either.
Player: Doesn't it take a lot of energy to stop time over such a large area?
Priapus: It's not a big deal.
Player: For you to go to such trouble to find me, you must have something important.
Priapus: What do you think it is?

-Choice A: To talk about life? To talk about dreams?
Priapus: Is this the kind of thing you humans like to do?
Player: Eh, it's not all we like to do. You made me guess.
Priapus: It could be interesting. Let's chat, then. What's your dream?

-Choice A.1: To make the world a better place.
Priapus: ...
Player: You don't have anything to say to that?
Priapus: You humans have got a simple mind.
Priapus: You're so silly it's cute.
Player: Why? What's wrong with that?
Priapus: The world is managed by the gods. What the world looks like, whether it should even exist, is all up to the gods.
Priapus: Put another way, if the gods wanted to destroy the world, then it would cease to exist in the blink of an eye.
Priapus: You're just a puny human. What could you do about it?

-Choice A.1.1: You're right. I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.
Player: *sighs*...
Player: In the grand scheme of things, humans are insignificant. Compared to the world and the cosmos, we're but a speck of dust. We can't really control anything.
Priapus: Being able to so quickly recognize your own limitations puts you far beyond others.
Priapus: This is something I admire about you humans.
Priapus: Because you're insignificant, you don't have anything to worry about.
Priapus: Worrying wouldn't accomplish anything for you, anyway. The same could not be said for us.
Priapus: The world turning is not something to take for granted. It's far more trouble than any of you could imagine.
Priapus: Besides, you live such short, pathetic lives, you don't have the time to worry about things like that.
Priapus: To be able to live peacefully in the moment as a human would be quite fine indeed.
Player: I think I've said enough. How about your dream?
Priapus: I'm not going to tell you.
Player: Why am I not surprised?
Priapus: You really want to know?
Choice - Either "Yes." or "No."
Priapus: It wouldn't be any fun to tell you.
Priapus: Now try to guess the reason I came to find you.
Player: You want to...
Go to Section 2

-Choice A.1.2: Even if that's true, there's still a lot I could do.
Player: Yes, I am insignificant. A god could destroy the world and I wouldn't have any say in it at all.
Player: But as long as the world exists, I will use my power to make it a better place.
Player: I can destroy Shadows, defeat White Capes, save more Gyees, and rescue them from discrimination and suffering.
Player: As long as I exist, I can make Luxium fairer, more just, and more perfect.
Player: Even though in the eyes of a god like yourself, this might be so insignificant as to not be worth your attention.
Player: It is within my power to slowly make this world a better place!
Priapus: ...
Priapus: You're really so silly in a cute way.
Player: ...
Priapus: But I'm fond of it.
Player: I think I've said enough. How about your dream?
Priapus: I'm not going to tell you.
Player: Why am I not surprised?
Priapus: You really want to know?
Choice - Either "Yes." or "No."
Priapus: It wouldn't be any fun to tell you.
Priapus: Now try to guess the reason I came to find you.
Player: You want to...
Go to Section 2

-Choice A.2: To find a handsome, tall, strong man that loves me.
Priapus: Yeah...
Player: What's wrong now?
Priapus: Human thought is so simple, it's adorable.
Player: What's wrong?
Priapus: Nothing. I just think it's funny, that's all.
Priapus: Luxium is perfect for you. Is there someone you want?
Player: Hold on, how do you know Luxium is perfect for me?
Priapus: I can see things you can't even imagine.
Player: ...

-Choice A.2.1: You're what I want.
Priapus: (Smile emotionally at you)
Player: What... what are you doing?
Priapus: I'm considering your confession.
Player: Oh? Oh.
Priapus: You know I'm a Draconian and a Holy Messenger, right?
Player: I know, but that doesn't have any effect on whether I like you.
Priapus: Once my work is done, perhaps I'll choose to become a normal person.
Player: Is this... a promise?
Priapus: I will answer your question.
Player: All right. Why did you come find me today?
Player: You want to...
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-Choice A.2.2: Yes. OR Choice A.2.3: No.
Priapus: When I find something I like, I pursue it.
Priapus: Gyees like initiative.
Priapus: If you hide and wait for other people to guess, then your life...
Player: Is like yours?
Priapus: ...
Priapus: How can you be sure I don't already have someone?
Player: Oh? Who?
Priapus: He's standing right in front of me.
Player: (Blush bashfully) Is... is that true?
Priapus: If you want to believe it's true, it is.
Player: (I can die without regrets!)
Priapus: Don't be deluded into thinking you can die without any regrets
Priapus: I don't want you to die.
Player: I will keep myself alive for you.
Player: (Deep breath. I need to calm down.)
Player: Why did you come find me today?
Player: You want to...
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-Choice A.3: To become a beast and spend all day touching myself.
Priapus: Just be a Gyee, then.
Priapus: Many Gyees like to stay in their beast form for a long time. Now you can, too.
Player: It's that easy to become a Gyee?
Priapus: It's not easy. In fact, it's impossible.
Player: Then you're just talking nonsense?
Priapus: For now, it's impossible. But who knows what the future holds?
Player: All right, I've had enough of your jokes. Why are you really here?
Priapus: What do you think?
Player: This again?
Player: You want to...
Go to Section 2

Choice B: You ran into some trouble you need my help with?
Priapus: Need your help?
Priapus: Haha, I will never understand the arrogance of you humans.
Priapus: But I'm fond of it.
Player: Even though I'm getting a little fed up with your nonsense, I still want to say that if you ever need any help, just let me know. After all, we're friends.
Priapus: Oh, yeah? Actually, there is something bothering me.
Player: What was it?
Priapus: You.
Player: Ha? Why me?
Priapus: Your existence itself is a problem.
Priapus: So your movements, your actions, your decisions...
Priapus: All bother me.
Choice B.a1 - Then I really can't help you. OR Choice B.a2 - Then how can I help you?
Priapus: There's no need. I never said that all problems are problems that need to be solved.
Priapus: Also, your existence is mysterious and perplexing. It makes the future of this world unclear.
Priapus: And isn't that a good thing?
Priapus: I like watching you humans from afar, especially you.
Priapus: It's as if your body has a power I'm attracted to.
Priapus: A power I can't quite understand.
Priapus: I'm starting to like you more and more.
Player: Can I take this as a profession of your feelings for me?
Priapus: That's up to you.
Player: Then I think you're professing your feelings for me.

Choice B.b1: I accept.
Priapus: (Smile)
Player: ...
You look into Priapus's eyes, and then...
Your body is enveloped by a comforting warmth, as if you're soaking in a hot spring that's just the right temperature.
Player: What was that? Do it again, it felt good.
Priapus: Now, now. I can't have you getting addicted to it.
Player: All right. Let's get down to business.
Player: You want to...
Go to Section 2

Choice B.b2: I refuse. - 300 Intimacy
Priapus: Then we're done here.
Priapus suddenly disappeared, as though he were never there in the first place.

-Section 2
Player: You want to...
Choice - Help you buy a ticket to the Rupor Show?
Player: It wouldn't be any trouble. Rupor and I are good friends.
Priapus: We've known each other for so long, I thought you would understand me better.
Player: Haha. Also, you wouldn't need a ticket even if you did want to see it.
Player: However, if you did sit in as a guest on the Rupor Show, the audience would go wild.
Priapus: I have no interest in human entertainment.
Priapus: It would be a lot of trouble if too many people became enchanted with me.
Player: So if you're not here to see the Rupor Show...
Choice - Take you on a tour of Never Isle?
Priapus: Isn't this a hobby only you humans are interested in?
Priapus: You're obsessed with seeing how other people live.
Player: Yeah, you could say that.
Priapus: Do you know of the Cloudend Isles?
Player: The homeland of the legendary Draconians? That's the most mysterious place in all of Luxium.
Priapus: When everything is finished, I'll take you there to have a look.
Priapus: Once you've been there, you won't want to go anywhere else.
Player: Sounds like it's worth looking forward to.
Player: But if you haven't come to take a tour of Never Isle...
Conversation continues after choices.
Player: You haven't come here to... 'fool around' with me, have you?
Priapus: You're right about that.
Priapus: Don't worry, I'm not offended.
Player: What…do you wanna do?
Priapus: Oh, nothing. I just missed you and wanted to chat.
Player: That's it?
Priapus: Why wouldn't I?
Player: It's not something really important?
Priapus: You gave yourself that impression, I never said it was anything important.
Player: ...
Player: You Draconians have that much time on your hands?
Priapus: Finding amusement is one of the most important parts of my job. I fall ill if I get too bored.
Priapus: Monitoring you is part of my work, too. I have to report each and every movement you make.
Player: You're appearing before someone you're supposed to monitor, and telling me you're monitoring me?
Player: Can I ask why you're monitoring me?
Priapus: Because you don't belong here. You don't belong to this world.
Priapus: It is unknown what your impact on this world will be. Maybe it will be good, maybe it will be bad.
Priapus: Ensuring that your existence benefits this world is one of my extra responsibilities.
Priapus: Which is also to say, if I determine your existence is a threat...

-Choice A: You'll kill me?
Priapus: I... don't like the sight of blood.
Priapus: But, I would neutralize the threat you posed.
Priapus: I would use my power to transform you into a slave that couldn't think. One that could only say, 'more, please'.

-Choice A.1: I love this world. I intend to protect it.
Player: Although coming to this world was an accident, I still love it.
Player: The Gyee friends I've made have been very kind. They've all been happy to help me return to my own world.
Player: I've experienced a lot here, and my friends and I have gone through life and death situations to get here.
Player: I love Luxium. I intend to protect it.
Player: I also intend to protect my friends, including you.
Priapus: (Smile)
Priapus: Protect me? Hahaha.
Priapus: (Glare at you)
Player: Why are you glaring at me like that?
Priapus: (Glare more intensely)
Player: Hey now, you're starting to scare me.
Priapus: I'm happy that you want to protect me.
Priapus: As a reward, I agree to your proposal.
Player: What proposal?
Priapus: Your proposal to 'fool around.'
Player: !

-Choice A.1.1: I can't wait any longer... - 700 Intimacy
Before you could speak, Priapus pulled you into a bush by the side of the road.
Before you realized what had happened, your clothes had disappeared without a trace.
You embraced one another for a bit, and reached a realm of bliss.

-Choice A.1.2: Ah? No! I refuse! - 900 Intimacy
Priapus: Too late.
You wanted to cry out, but couldn't. You wanted to run, but found that you couldn't move.
Priapus looked at you intently, and in the split second that your gazes met...
You completely lost control of your body.
The instant his skin touched yours, you gave up trying to rest...
You embraced one another for a bit, and reached a realm of bliss.

-Choice A.2: Don't worry. All I want to do is find a way home. - 500 Intimacy
Player: I don't want to become a slave in the otherworld.
Player: I will not impact this world. As soon as I find a way home, I'll leave.
Priapus: But you've made it so far?
Player: What?
Priapus: Don't worry, I'm only trying to scare you.
Priapus: Since this is what you want, then I wish you a safe trip home.
Priapus suddenly disappeared, as though he were never there in the first place.

-Choice B: You'll seduce me? - 700 Intimacy
Priapus: Ah, you're smarter than you look.
Priapus: I'm going to turn you into a slave that can only say 'yes, sir' and will serve me for eternity.
Player: Although I'm not sure if this is a reward or if this is punishment,
Player: I can't wait any longer. Let's get started.
Before you could speak, Priapus pulled you into a bush by the side of the road.
Before you realized what had happened, your clothes had disappeared without a trace.
You embraced one another for a bit, and reached a realm of bliss.


This section contains spoilers for the Trifle. Please use a desktop browser for the best viewing experience.

Tender Divine Judgment

Heart beats faster. Tongue goes numb. An eye contact with Priapus before stunned makes consciousness gone...

-Part 1
Scene - Forest
Grey: Awoo!
Miles: That guy's around. Grey got his scent.
Miles: We'll see each other today!
Player: Who's 'that guy'?
Miles: Priapus.
Miles: Wonder what he did to those White Capes...
Player: Oh, that was him? I not only know him...
Player: What did he do? Don't leave me hanging now!
Miles: Well, I'd like to find out what he did, too.
Miles: He butted in before my last few fights and made it so dull for me.
Miles: I got my crew ready to intercept some White Capes delivering Gyee.
Miles: When we ambushed them, not only were the Gyees already freed, but...
Miles: They kept trying to hug and kiss my guys, and you couldn't beat them off!
Player: How do you know he did this, then?
Miles: The Capes kept mumbling about wanting to repent and were too crazy to say anything else!
Miles: Though they did reiterate the name, Priapus.
Miles: I don't know how he did it, but he definitely has something to do with it!
Player: He probably has the power to control mind.
Miles: How's that different from the Shadow's corruption?
Player: ...
A loud boom rocks in the distant as birds scatter.
Player: What is that?
Miles: I'll take Grey and check it out. You stay here.
Choice - Okay. - 5 Intimacy
Player: Since Grey sensed Priapus is nearby.
Player: I'll look around here for him.
Miles: Cool, we'll meet back up in a bit!
Choice - Let me go with you!
Miles: No, we have to split up.
Miles: Priapus is around here somewhere.
Miles: You stay here and look for him. I'll be right back.
Player: Okay.
Conversation continues after choices.
Player: I said I'd do that.
Player: But how am I going to do that when there's hardly anything around...
Someone just ran through the bushes and the footsteps are getting closer.
Player: (Somebody's coming this way!)
Player: (I should find a place to hide.)
Orange Alpha: I'm exhausted! Why is it so hard to catch a Gyee?
Orange Beta: (breathing hard) Nowhere else to run now, you punk kid!
Orange Alpha: This one should worth more, since he is faster than usual!
Terrified Boy: (crying) Stay away from me!
Two men in orange chuckle but the man in blue between them remains dour.
Youth in Blue: I don't think anyone's ever told you...
Youth in Blue: Anger shown through tears is never threatening.
Terrified Boy: (holding back tears in despair and shivers) I...
Terrified Boy: I'm not a monster!
Terrified Boy: Don't turn me over to the bastard White Capes!
Youth in Blue: What's that? I couldn't hear you clearly...
Youth in Blue: You want us to turn you over to the White Capes?
Terrified Boy: (shakes head in fear and recoils) No, that's not it...
Youth in Blue: Well, I can join them only if I turn you in.
Youth in Blue: Wipe your tears.
Youth in Blue: No chance of me letting go of an easy, weak prey like you.
Player: ...
Player: (They want to abduct the boy so they can join the White Cape... What bastards!)

-Choice A - (Keep watching)
A bizarre wind sweeps through...
Something with a halo descends from the tree behind the boy.
Player: (What is that?)
Priapus: ...
Player: (Is that Priapus?)
Player: (Is he smiling at me? Did he see me?)
Player: (That can't be...)
Priapus: (yawns) Who interrupted my nap?
Priapus: Somebody has to answer for this.
Player: (He didn't see me, after all.)
Player: (I shall watch and enjoy!)
Orange Beta: Where did you come from?! What do you want?
Orange Alpha: Who the heck is this, Artest?
Artest: Who are you?
Priapus: That's a million-dollar question.
Priapus: But I really don't want to dignify you with an answer,
Priapus: since this is the first and last time we'll meet.
Priapus: So it matters not you don't get a name.
Orange Alpha: Oh, you're just passing by...
Priapus: A Gyee, I see.
Artest: Hmm?
Artest: The kid? Yeah, he is! I was about to...
Priapus: What I meant was...
Priapus: That's a very clever way to hide your identity.
Artest: !
Artest: You...
Orange Beta: What? What the hell is he talking about, Artest?
Orange Alpha: He's lying! He's probably here to take the kid for himself!
Artest: Why are you meddling in my business?!
Priapus: That's because...
Priapus: I was passing by.
Priapus: Also because...
Priapus: It's your luck.
Orange Alpha: Oh yeah? We'll take you out!
Orange Alpha: There are three of us and only one of you!
Player: (I'm guessing you need more than three.)
Orange Beta: Get him!
Priapus: Heh...
Artest gazes at his buddies in fear, stumbles forward and locks eyes with Priapus.
Artest: (shocked) How... can this be...?
Player: (mutter behind the tree) Time... it stopped!
Player: (mutter behind the tree) But that Artest guy could still move...
Player: (mutter behind the tree) And me too?
Deep inhale and keep watching...
Artest: (chuckles helplessly) So you're my Angel of Punishment...
Artest: (chuckles helplessly) What took you so long?
Before Artest can react, Priapus holds him by his lower jaw with a thumb and index finger.
Player: ...
Priapus: Just a while ago...
Priapus: What did you say to the boy?
Artest: (heavy panting) You heard everything?
Priapus: Yes, but...
Priapus: I want you to repeat it.
Artest: I said I was going to turn him in...
Artest: Then I'd pass the test and join the Sword of Light.
Priapus: So now what?
Artest: ?
Priapus: If I give you another chance...
Artest: ...
Priapus: Henceforth,
Priapus: you'll just make more trouble for me...
Priapus: Right?
Artest: What are you gonna do...?
Priapus: Look me in my eyes!
Artest: ...
Priapus: You're afraid to, aren't you?
Priapus: So you'd rather be punished.
Player: ...
Artest's eyes pitch and lock gaze with Priapus...
Priapus suddenly turns around and gives an enigmatic smirk...
Your ears ring. White glow blurs your vision and your consciousness fades away.
Player: Why am I so dizzy?

Artest and Player both faint

Player: Feel like my body's turning inside out...
Go to Part 2

-Choice B - (Find Miles and get help)
A bizarre wind sweeps through...
Something with a halo descends from the tree behind the boy.
Scene transition
Miles: Did you spot Priapus?
Player: Nope.
Player: I'm here about something else!
Miles: Everything's fine over here. That loud boom was just a false alarm.
Miles: I was about to go back for you.
Player: Just a while ago...
Recount the boy being chased.
Miles: I hate those Mundanes who lick White Capes' boots!
Miles: Are they still there?
Player: When I left, yeah.
Miles: Let's go!
Scene transition
Miles: Where are they?
Player: They were just here a second ago!
Miles: Damn, we're too late.
Miles: We gotta go after them!
Grey: Awoo...!
Player: What about Priapus?
Miles: Forget him!
Miles: Saving Gyee takes precedence!
Miles: Describe every detail about those three Mundanes to me when we get back.
Miles: Me and my men will put a stop to their Gyee trafficking!
Miles: As for that guy, I'll find him later!
Miles: Damn, now I wish he'd showed up and intervened!
Grey: Awoo...!
Scene ends.

-Part 2
Scene - A mysterious place
Player: What's going on? Why am I floating in air?!
Player: You looked at me in the grove and I fainted... Where am I?
Player: What is this place?
Priapus: Artest's subconscious.
Player: Eh?
Choices start

-Choice A - You invaded his mind?
Player: This is a crime...
Priapus: Really? Doesn't that make me a criminal to you?
Player: Well, since you admit it yourself,
Choice - I must arrest you.
Priapus: Before you apprehend me,
Priapus: how about doing me a favor?
Go back to "Choices start"
Choice - Why don't I be your accomplice? - 5 Intimacy
Priapus: Heh...
Priapus: Exactly what I wanted.
Go back to "Choices start"

-Choice B - How did I get here?
Priapus: You don't want to?
Priapus: Don't tell me it's more fun to peek at me behind a tree than be by my side.
Choice - So you did notice me!
Priapus: I can see through a lot.
Priapus: But I just can't figure you out.
Priapus: You're one frustrating fellow, you know that?
Go back to "Choices start"
Choice - Are you trying to read me? - 5 Intimacy
Priapus: I know every human's every thought and every move.
Priapus: Except you, and only you.
Priapus: Did I read you right?
Player: Uh...
Choice - Yeah, you did.
Player: I'd rather be with you than peep at you.
Go back to "Choices start"
Choice - Nope, you're got it wrong.
Player: Peeping is more fun than being with you.
Priapus: Right or wrong, it's not important. What I choose to do to you, you can't escape.
Go back to "Choices start"

-Choice C - I have something that needs your confirmation.
Player: Just a while ago...
Choice - How come you didn't stop time on me?
Priapus: I tried.
Priapus: It didn't work.
Choice - Your time stop doesn't work on me, does it?
Priapus: I can't deny it.
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: My powers can't do anything to you.
Priapus: Other than hurt you or kill you, that is.
Priapus: I'm still searching...
Priapus: to find out which power will work on you.
Player: Uh...
Player: You already prove other than hurting or killing me,
Player: you can drag me into someone's mind with you.
Player: Granted, I have no idea what you're gonna do to me next.
Priapus: Are you afraid?
Player: No, of course not.
Priapus: Are you afraid something else will happen?
Player: Uh...
Priapus: Rest assured, you do not have to worry about that.
Priapus: I got to watch what I do to you, too.
Priapus: Since you're from another world...
Priapus: You probably belonged to Az.
Choice - Well, I can be yours too. - 5 Intimacy
Player: Captivate is what you do best.
Player: I'm willing to give you my heart.
Player: Although I'm just an avatar and I'm not sure I have a heart.
Choice - I guess so.
Player: While you're a master mind reader,
Player: Lord Az probably took precautions on this avatar body.
Player: So it won't easy to read this mind.
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: That is why you pique my particular interest.
Priapus: And why I'm extra cautious with you!
Priapus: Whether your presence here will save or destroy this world...
Priapus: I await with bated breath.
Go back to "Choices start"

-Choice D - So what are you gonna do to me here?
Priapus: Why don't you try to read my mind?
Player: Since I'm floating around in Artest's psyche...
Player: I'm guessing whatever you want me to do here, it has to do with him.
Player: I heard basically everything you said to Artest.
Player: What did you mean by giving another chance?
Priapus: That 'chance' lies with you, not me.
Priapus: How will you seize the opportunity...
Priapus: It's up to you to decide.
Player: ???
Priapus: I'll send you to meet young Artest.
Priapus: At a certain turning point in his life...
Priapus: You must make him give up the idea of running away.
Both Choices - "What? I don't get it." OR "Ah, I get it!"
Player: Wait, you mean...
Conversation continues after choices.
Choice - Like 'Back to the Future'?
Player: Go back in time to save him and alter his future.
Player: So you're talking about time travel and changing his life decision?
Priapus: Time travel?
Priapus: I can do that.
Priapus: But I refuse.
Player: Huh?
Player: Why?
Priapus: To prevent the butterfly effect.
Player: You mean changing the past will have unforeseen consequences in the future?
Player: Possibly altering the lives of even more people?
Priapus: I did say you weren't stupid.
Player: But how am I supposed to save him otherwise?
Player: Didn't you bring me here to change his past?
Priapus: Where you're going is a mindscape I pieced together from his memories.
Priapus: You won't change anything that happened in the chronological past.
Priapus: Just his own subconscious.
Choice - Like 'Inception'? - 5 Intimacy
Player: You want me to go into his dream and tweak his mind?
Priapus: That's half right.
Priapus: It's not his dream.
Priapus: But a reconstruction of his actual memory.
Priapus: Everything you see is everything he had experienced.
Priapus: Everything you do will be added and affect that memory.
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: You must play the roles of everyone who was important to him,
Priapus: pasting over his original experience, changing how he formed certain views.
Choice - Oh, that sounds cool, I'm in!
Priapus: That was quick.
Priapus: You must be very confident.
Choice - Will that work? Sounds risky! - 5 Intimacy
Player: I don't know much about him, what if he sees right through the charade?
Player: This is also life-changing, something that shouldn't taken lightly!
Priapus: It's prudent to be cautious.
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: You only have one chance.
Priapus: If you succeed, Artest will maintain the good ideals from his youth.
Priapus: If you fail, well, you'll never see him persecute another Gyee again.
Priapus: Because he's not waking up ever.
Player: I either save him or kill him?
Priapus: That's why I'm reminding you not to treat it as a game.
Priapus: Think it through, because you'll be responsible for another person's life.
Both Choices - "Not sure if I can do it, but I'll try!" - 5 Intimacy OR "Sure, why not give it a go, no skin off my back!"
Priapus: ...
Conversation continues after choices.
Go to Part 3

-Part 3
Scene - A classroom at night
Player: Hey, how come I look like this now?
Priapus: You're going to be Artest's most trusted teacher.
Player: ...
Both Choices - "Whoa, I'm not quite ready yet!" OR "I better put on my best teacher face..."
Player: That crying student with his back to me...
Player: That the young Artest?
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: Exactly.
Player: It's nighttime. What's he doing here?
Priapus: You shouldn't be asking me.
Priapus: You should be asking him.
Priapus: Oh, another thing...
Priapus: You should know, teacher,
Priapus: You have something to do with him being outed as Gyee.
Player: ?
Priapus disappears
Player: Hey, don't leave me hanging like this!
Player: (Never mind, let's do this... Okay, gotta be careful when I talk to him.)
Choice - Why are you still here?
Weeping Boy Artest: Fine, I'm leaving.
Player: Wait!
Player: (Just gonna walk away like that?)
Player: So um...
Player: I'm sorry about what happened to you recently.
Weeping Boy Artest: Sorry?
Choice - I'm sorry about what happened to you recently. - 5 Intimacy
Weeping Boy Artest: Sorry?
Conversation continues after choices.
Weeping Boy Artest: It's all me, you got nothing to do with it.
Weeping Boy Artest: The wound already scarred on my wrist.
Weeping Boy Artest: That should count as self-mutilation, not suicide.
Weeping Boy Artest: I didn't bleed nearly enough to die.

-Choice A - Why did you do that?
Weeping Boy Artest: You didn't know?
Player: I don't know anything!
Weeping Boy Artest: Oh.
Weeping Boy Artest: You probably don't remember 'cus you got too many students to keep track.
Player: ...
Weeping Boy Artest: If only I could forget everything too...
Player: Hold on a second... Yeah, I remember now!
Player: (Feel so dizzy... Why am I losing control... of this body...?)
No-longer-weeping Boy Artest: I...
Player: (I can't move at all...)
Go to Part 5

-Choice B - Does it still hurt? - 5 Intimacy
Weeping Boy Artest: Pain.
Weeping Boy Artest: Pain all over the body.
Weeping Boy Artest: Pain inside.
Weeping Boy Artest: But it hurt the most when you saw me take the beating and walked on by.
Weeping Boy Artest: Guess this is the last time we'll see each other.
Weeping Boy Artest: I heard you resigned.
Weeping Boy Artest: You really want to get away from me that badly?
Choice - Yeah, I need some space.
Weeping Boy Artest: Got it.
Weeping Boy Artest: I won't bother you anymore, and please don't come near me again.
Player: !!!
Player: Don't go, hear me out!
Player: About what happened that day, I'm truly sorry.
Player: But you know I'm not the kind of person you took me for...
Weeping Boy Artest: Then what kind should I take you for?
Choice - So that's what you think... - 5 Intimacy
Weeping Boy Artest: Then what kind should I take you for?
Conversation continues after choices.
Weeping Boy Artest: The yellow glow in my eyes when it happened here that night...
Weeping Boy Artest: The girl spying at you through the window caught it and outed me.
Weeping Boy Artest: You gave the mixed signals that made me realize I'm Gyee.
Weeping Boy Artest: I confided everything in you, sharing with you my secret in tears of joy.
Weeping Boy Artest: Only to end up the butt of every joke in school.
Weeping Boy Artest: And now you even come back to the scene of the crime.
Choice - I'm here to say goodbye. - 5 Intimacy
Weeping Boy Artest: Just pretend that didn't happen.
Choice - I walk by here quite often.
Weeping Boy Artest: I wasn't waiting for you.
Weeping Boy Artest: But I guess I'm probably interrupting something.
Weeping Boy Artest: So I'll go now.
Player: (Okay, how do I smooth this over?)
Player: I walk by here quite often because... because I knew you'd be here!
Player: I wanted to say goodbye!
Weeping Boy Artest: Just pretend that didn't happen.
Conversation continues after choices.
Weeping Boy Artest: It's my fault I read you wrong.
Weeping Boy Artest: My confession probably took you off-guard.
Weeping Boy Artest: I'm okay if you don't accept me for what I am.
Weeping Boy Artest: I understand if you don't want to be near me or have anything to do with me.
Weeping Boy Artest: No need to feel guilty for passing the buck. Isn't that what grown-ups do best, anyway?
Weeping Boy Artest: Besides, you didn't hurt me, you're just a bystander.
Weeping Boy Artest: It should be easy to convince yourself you did nothing wrong.

-Choice B.1 - You're putting too much on me!
Weeping Boy Artest: Sorry for putting my trust in you.
Weeping Boy Artest: And sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
Player: (Feel so dizzy... Why am I losing control... of this body...?)
No-longer-weeping Boy Artest: I...
Player: (I can't move at all...)
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-Choice B.2 - So passive aggressiveness is how smarter kids get even... - 5 Intimacy
Weeping Boy Artest: Do you really want to know the truth?
Weeping Boy Artest: Actually...
Weeping Boy Artest: my good grades in math have nothing to do with aptitude.
Weeping Boy Artest: I had to pretend to love the subject so I could get close to you.
Weeping Boy Artest: Actually...
Weeping Boy Artest: I keep having thoughts to end my own life.
Weeping Boy Artest: Actually...
Weeping Boy Artest: I hate you.
Weeping Boy Artest: I'm outed but you're not!
Weeping Boy Artest: So you got off scot-free,
Weeping Boy Artest: while it's me who was scorned, ostracized, bullied!
Weeping Boy Artest: But I always kept the secret that you're also Gyee.
Weeping Boy Artest: But you ignored everything and blew it off...
Weeping Boy Artest: Is that how other Gyee in the world act?
Weeping Boy Artest: Should I act like that so I'll have an easier time, too?
Weeping Boy Artest: Looks like I have to become one of those violent Gyee persecutors to get my retribution!

-Choice B.2.1 - No, this will only make things worse! - 11 Intimacy
Player: Strive to be good, don't give in so easily.
Weeping Boy Artest: What should I do, then?
Weeping Boy Artest: No one knows how to teach me to be 'good'.
Weeping Boy Artest: Even the only teacher I trusted is leaving me.
Player: ...
Weeping Boy Artest: When I know I wasn't alone in being 'unusual',
Weeping Boy Artest: I was as happy as a clam.
Weeping Boy Artest: I thought it could only get better,
Weeping Boy Artest: but everything came crashing down to the ground.
Weeping Boy Artest: I hate myself
Weeping Boy Artest: for not hiding my true self.
Weeping Boy Artest: I wouldn't be Gyee if I'd just forget about it!
Weeping Boy Artest: But it's too late now.
Weeping Boy Artest: I can't handle everything that's hit me!
Weeping Boy Artest: Everyone knows my secret now!
Weeping Boy Artest: They're all talking about how I'm Gyee.
Weeping Boy Artest: Yet no one talked about what I could do.
Weeping Boy Artest: I don't like how they're looking at me!
Weeping Boy Artest: I want to fit in and not be an island.
Weeping Boy Artest: No.
Weeping Boy Artest: I want to run from this reality!
Weeping Boy Artest: If you're running away, so will I.
Player: (Oh no, if he leaves he'll become what he is now!)
Player: (But how does someone also running away convince his student to stay?)
Choice - (Tell him a white lie.) - 5 Intimacy
Player: I resigned to take the fall, not to skip town and do nothing.
Player: I'll be the scapegoat for whatever happened that day.
Player: I'm forced to leave.
Player: I kept my distance,
Player: and didn't intervene when you were beaten,
Player: it was all to protect you.
Player: Me having nothing to do with you is best for you long-term.
Player: As I told you before, teaching doesn't end just because school lesson is over.
Player: I'll always be there if you need somewhere to turn for wisdom.
Player: Be strong and finish school.
Player: Try to communicate with your parents.
Player: You never actually tried,
Player: so how could you be sure they're disappointed in you?
Player: Maybe they already discovered the truth but never brought it up.
Player: It could be that they didn't know, but their acceptance might surprise you.
Player: Much of your fear is only in your mind.
Player: Don't let those false ideas ruin your life!
Player: Since it's out, accept yourself for who you are!
Player: Live proud and true to the core.
Player: Leading a happy life is the best revenge against those who hurt you.
Player: Let them see how well you carry on every day.
Player: For those looking down on you,
Player: you study and work harder than them, hold yourself to a higher standard and live with a purpose.
Player: Striving to be better is how you can truly 'run away' from them.
Player: So promise me...
Player: Don't run away from home.
Player: Don't cut class or quit school.
Choice - (Offer honest explanation in the teacher's shoes.) - 15 Intimacy
Player: Don't follow in my exact footsteps.
Player: I'm not perfect.
Player: I'm timid and do go where the wind blows.
Player: To be honest, I don't know how to deal with those biased toward Gyee.
Player: And because I'm timid, I pretended to loathe Gyee like them.
Player: So I watched quietly without offering you a helping hand.
Player: But I know it's been rough on you, so I chose not to be silent before my departure.
Player: Because if my choice to leave would inflict the biggest pain in your life,
Player: I'd rather you never thought highly of me, never thought me fit to be a teacher.
Player: It's probably because of the restrictive environment my generation of Gyee grew up in,
Player: that we lacked trust, and would gang up on others to selfishly preserve ourselves.
Player: We would just grin and bear whatever ridiculous charges and prejudice we encountered.
Player: It's too late for me to change.
Player: But not you.
Player: You can change that.
Player: The best I can do now is stay away from you and try to survive,
Player: to take attention off you so you have a chance to become an even better person.
Player: I failed to offer you proper guidance.
Player: But I'm giving you all my heart.
Player: It's not your fault you're Gyee.
Player: All your pain are caused by those with misconceptions of Gyee.
Player: So don't you become one of them who'd hurt more Gyee.
Player: Also, whatever you do, finish school.
Player: Don't leave your parents until then.
Player: Don't run off like I do now before you're an adult.
Player: Because life will be much harder for you if you ran off than if you stayed.
Conversation continues after choices.
Player: Promise me you'll never become someone I'll shun!
Player: (Phew, did my best there, wonder if it worked...)
No-longer-weeping Boy Artest: Master!
Player: ...
Player: (Feel so dizzy... Why am I losing control... of this body...?)
No-longer-weeping Boy Artest: I...
Player: (I can't move at all...)
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-Choice B.1.2 - Don't pin too much hope on them.
Weeping Boy Artest: I see I was expecting too much of you.
Weeping Boy Artest: Teachers only teach textbooks, not life.
Weeping Boy Artest: I shouldn't expect much from you...
Weeping Boy Artest: It was selfish of me to channel my anger unto you.
Weeping Boy Artest: It won't happen again.
Player: (Feel so dizzy... Why am I losing control... of this body...?)
No-longer-weeping Boy Artest: I...
Player: (I can't move at all...)
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-Part 4
Scene - Forest
Player: Huh? Finally back!
Player: Compared to other versions, I still love the avatar made by Lord Az the best!
Priapus: It's normal to faint going inside other's mind for the first time.
Player: But I fainted too early and missed what Artest's response to me.
Player: However...
Player: Before that, I thought I felt the heat of his embrace...
Priapus: Is that so...
Priapus: But the grown-up him won't be able to recognize or thank you.
Player: All that matters is he lives!
Priapus: Shhhh!
Player: (whisper behind a tree) Hey, why is he going toward the Gyee kid again?
Player: (whisper behind a tree) Don't tell me I actually failed to change his mind!
Artest: There you are!
Artest: How are you?
Boy: Don't come closer!
Artest: Did I scare you?
Artest: Sorry, I was just pretending to trick those two awful kidnappers.
Boy: Really?
Artest: Of course, I'll even pinky swear.
Artest: Don't know why they suddenly vanished, but that saved me the hassle of killing them!
Artest: No way I'd let those White Cape creeps take you!
Boy: I don't understand...
Boy: Are you turning me over to the White Capes?
Artest: (startled) No, no way, of course not!
Artest: (cautiously) So...
Artest: You lost your parents, right?
Boy: Yeah.
Artest: Well...
Artest: You want to call me Mr. Artest? Uncle Artest? Or just Artest is fine too.
Artest: Anyway, promise me you'll never run away, never quit school, never bully other Gyee!
Boy: What am I allowed to do?
Artest: Anything, if you followed the three tenets! Anyway, I'll watch over you till you're an adult.
Boy: (nods)
Artest: Wipe your tears.
Artest: Come home with me!
Boy: Yeah!
Player: Phew, thank God! I was nervous when the convo started!
Priapus: ...
Player: Can't believe Artest remember what I said to him when he was young!
Player: To a kid who was feeling lost and helpless,
Player: the right words could be the rudder that right his ship.
Player: Now I know how hard it is to be a teacher and a mentor!
Priapus: ...
Player: Why did you help Artest?
Priapus: I didn't.
Priapus: You did.
Priapus: I'm just particularly interested in Gyee trying to pass themselves off as normal.
Priapus: I'm simply watching a show.
Player: Well, don't speak like I should take all the credit.
Player: I'd feel weird.
Player: But I'm curious, is it a part of your duty as a divine servant?
Priapus: It's fun to mess with foolish humans.
Priapus: Figuring out Gyee
Priapus: is fun, as well.
Priapus: But I did this because it was convenient,
Priapus: since it's not my objective for this trip at all.
Player: What is your objective, then?
Priapus: Sigh, another question to ruin the mystique...
Priapus: But I don't want to slam the door on your inquisitiveness.
Priapus: Suffice to say the game is afoot.
Priapus: And I'll let you know eventually.
Priapus: Just not now.
Player: I'm sure we got plenty of chances to see one another.
Priapus: After all the ballyhoo today, take this as a hint for you newcomers.
Priapus: 'Not all enemies of Gyee are non-Gyee.'
Priapus: I find the changing of heart for human interesting too.
Player: I wonder...
Player: The old Artest not only refused to accept he's Gyee,
Player: but wanted to join the White Cape and hurt other Gyee.
Player: If Miles was here, he wouldn't have spared him.
Player: But how would Eddie handle the same situation?
Player: I might never hate people like old Artest ever again given what you did.
Player: Honestly, no one else but you have the ability and means.
Player: Without you providing the way to help him, I wouldn't know what else to do other than killing him.
Priapus: Don't make me out to be compassionate.
Priapus: Like I said, this is all just a show to me.
Priapus: I gave you the chance to get you closer to me.
Priapus: Also...
Priapus: I enjoy nonviolent solutions.
Priapus: But if you hadn't changed Artest, however...
Priapus: Don't think for a second I would have mercy on him!
Priapus: I'm very capable of accommodating anyone choosing the hard way over the easy way.
Player: ...
Player: You're indeed an intrigue.
Player: I can't quite pin you down.
Player: Everything you do is to the good of all Gyee,
Player: but my Gyee friends tend to feel the contrary!
Player: Miles probably doesn't think you're an ally.
Player: I'd guess Eddie thinks you're some kind of a threat.
Choice start

-Choice A - About Miles...
Priapus: Oh? I know him.
Player: Miles wants to wipe out the White Capes for the atrocities they committed.
Player: But you changed the behavior for some of them.
Player: They now see the light of the Gyee,
Player: so now it's impossible for him to avenge his Gyee brothers.
Player: Making him swallow his hate...
Priapus: It's foolish to perpetuate the animosity in an endless cycle.
Priapus: Those cute White Capes I 'punished'...
Priapus: they will not have any thought of persecuting Gyee again.
Priapus: Enlightening those haters and reshaping their views from scratch
Priapus: is a very taxing job.
Priapus: It's not a task that troglodyte could comprehend.
Priapus: I don't care a bit for what he thinks.
Priapus: All I care about is...
Priapus: How you think.
Priapus: Do you fear me?
Player: Frankly,
Player: you're a enigmatic lonewolf who cross everyone up,
Player: and never play by the rules, whether it's the Capes or Gyee.
Player: Who wouldn't be intrigued?
Priapus: Does that mean you'll accept my advances?
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-Choice B - About Eddie...
Priapus: Eddie?
Priapus: I know a little about him.
Priapus: What faction is he with again?
Player: Order of Equality.
Player: He and the faction advocate equal rights.
Player: They devote their effort to peace and fairness between the normals and Gyee.
Player: But with your power,
Player: you could switch Gyee haters to staunch fans virtually with a snap of the fingers.
Player: The Order saw it as a subjugation of free wills that represented a new unfairness.
Priapus: Heh...
Priapus: I'm not stopping Eddie from pursuing equality.
Priapus: But equality is, in truth...
Priapus: A relative concept, not an absolute!
Priapus: There's always a minority with privileges.
Priapus: And there's always a minority without privileges.
Priapus: Anyone can switch position at any moment.
Priapus: Castes will take turns, but will never be equals.
Priapus: That is the true law of the universe.
Priapus: God can only maintain the relative balance.
Priapus: I help him hold down parties that try to upset that balance.
Priapus: So if someone think they're better than Gyee and actively disturb that balance,
Priapus: it's my duty to make them more... humble.
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-Choice C - Anyway, I guess I'm your accomplice now.
Player: What partners we made in changing Artest!
Player: I thought you love watching a show?
Player: How come you haven't praised my performance yet?
Priapus: Not rewards, just praises?
Player: No, I want both!
Priapus: I can see the greed in your eyes.
Priapus: Tell me, is there anything you want?

-Choice C.1 - Other than you, no. - 15 Intimacy
Priapus: Oh.
Priapus: Would you mind taking me to the lush depth of the woods?
Choice - What are we doing there?
Priapus: It depends on how well you perform.
Choice - What if I do?
Priapus: We shall open the Gate of Truth.
Conversation continues after choices.
Player: ...
Player: My pleasure!
Player: (Okay, now I got to make up a good excuse for standing Miles up. That's gonna be a problem...)
Player: (Aw, forget it, enjoy the afternoon delight now, and I'll figure it out later!)
Priapus: Are you ready?
Scene ends

-Choice C.1 - I want to ask you something for Miles.
Player: Why did you do that only to the White Capes?!
Player: Just asking for Miles, by the way.
Player: I'm not curious myself or anything.
Priapus: Do what?
Player: (choke) Ahem, you know...
Player: How do I know what you did to them?
Player: I'm sure it was totally different from what you did to Artest, whatever it was.
Player: The White Capes wouldn't be so mesmerized by you, otherwise.
Priapus: Oh, you mean that.
Priapus: It was just a physical demonstration of Gyee's charm, that is all.
Priapus: What did you think what 'that' was?
Priapus: I don't mind being misunderstood, just not by you.
Player: (So you care a lot about how I feel...)
Priapus: You like that Miles fellow, don't you?
Priapus: Even though you were only asking on his behalf.
Both Choices - "We're so-so. I actually..." OR "Of course, we are..."
Priapus: I don't want to hear it.
Priapus: Save it for him.
Conversation continues after choices.
Priapus: You probably had enough for the day, anyway.
Priapus: No need for me to stick around.
Player: Are you leaving?
Priapus: Why wouldn't I?
Priapus: Should I stay and wait for him with you?
Priapus: Heh...
Priapus: By the way...
Priapus: I did something to trip Miles up,
Priapus: that's why he hasn't come back.
Priapus: You should go find him.
Priapus: But watch out for the 'Miles Surprise' I have for you!
Player: ...
Priapus disappears
Player: (Is it over between us? Did I say something wrong?)
Player: (He gets moody and jealous so easily!)
Player: (Oh no, what did he do to Miles?)
Scene ends

-Part 5
Player: I killed him instead of saving him?
Priapus: You didn't kill him, but he died because of you.
Player: What if I didn't say that...
Player: Would it be a different outcome?
Priapus: Heh...
Priapus: There is no 'what-ifs'.
Scene ends



Default Skin

Front/Default Back
Right Left

Blueish Green Skin
Unlock with Skin Coupon x150

Front/Default Back
Right Left

Epiphany Skin
Reach Epiphany Level 4 to unlock

Front/Default Back
Right Left

Fancy Skin
Unlock with Skin Coupon x198

Front/Default Back
Right Left

Rainbow Skin
Unlock with Priapus' Rainbow Ticket x100

Front/Default Back
Right Left

Cool Skin
Unlock with Cool Skin Coupon x100

Front/Default Back
Right Left


Priapus Normal.png
Priapus Happy.png
Priapus Serious.png


Title: God's Messenger
Artist: Mentaiko Itto
Unlock requirements: Priapus's Intimacy reaches Lv.5 to unlock

Title: Feast Invitation
Artist: Mentaiko Itto
Unlock requirements: Priapus's Epiphany reaches 2-Star and Intimacy reaches Lv.8 to unlock

Title: Even Favor
Artist: Mentaiko Itto
Unlock requirements: Priapus's Epiphany reaches 3-Star and Intimacy reaches Lv.10 to unlock

Title: Festival
Artist: Gyee Team
Unlock requirements: Obtain Priapus's Fancy Skin to unlock
Priapus newyear.jpg

Title: New Messenger
Artist: Mentaiko Itto
Unlock requirements: Priapus's Epiphany reaches 2-Star and Intimacy reaches Lv.8 to unlock

Title: Rainbow Skin
Artist: Mentaiko Itto
Unlock requirements: Obtain Priapus' Rainbow Skin to unlock
Priapus summer.jpg


Spotlight CN


  • Priapus first appears in the gay comic series of the same name by Mentaiko Itto. Only books 1 through 3 have official English translations published by Bruno Gmünder (now defunct) in 2015.