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Answer questions to learn more about fun facts of Gyees and get great rewards for continuous correct answers.

Daily Quiz is a recurring event quest in Never Isle. The player will receive Gold and EXP each time a question is answered correctly, receiving better rewards for having more correct answers in a row.

For quizzes featured in events and story missions, please see Event and Story Quizzes.


  • Enabled all day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • There are a total of 20 questions.
  • Each correct answer rewards players with 400 Gold and 5 EXP.
    • Consecutive correct answers rewards players with an additional 80 Gold and 1 EXP, up to a maximum streak of three.
    • Ex. 400 Gold 6 EXP, 480 Gold 6 EXP, 560 Gold 7 EXP.
  • Incorrect answers rewards players with 160G and 2EXP.
  • Your options are to answer the question yourself, ask server for help, or engage in a battle.

Questions and Answers[]

Note: These questions and answers match what the game presents in the quiz. This includes all spelling, translation and lore errors.

Question Answer Option
A charged skill will unleash whopping power in a round. Which of the following skills needs no charge? 3: Kitty: Cat Claw
After each daily login, what benefit are there to claim postcards from the Butler? 4: All of the Above
After Rald arrives in Luxium, he wants to open a massage parlor in Never Isle, using the previous name, of: 1: Full Service
Among the Shadowhunter commanders, who disagrees with Morgan the most? 3: Yan
Among these characters, who is not Martin's enemy? 3: Mike
Another Turing, what other student of Vundo showed an intense interest in mechanics? 3: Kitty
Antonio used to live on the Never Isle. Why? 1: Buy his mom a house
Aside from Arcana, what other course does Principal Vundo of Arcana Academy teach in person? 4: History
At what age did Mira join the Defense Force? 2: Aged 16
At what age did Vundo become a teacher at Arcana Academy? 3: Aged 18
At what level of a Gyee's Weapon can Enchantment be enabled? 3: Lv.3
Atonio used to be the boss of the gang named... 3: Skeleton Brothers
Awakening of Gyee can increase the upper limit of Epiphany. So what materials does the awakening take? 4: Illumination
Az, the founder of Azria, was born in... 1: Elysiann
Azria is governed by a three-men parliament after Az retired. Who among of the following doesn't belong to the parliament? 3: Priapus
Because his invincibility on the battlefield, what is Markus's nickname? 3: Golden Lion
Because of his strong body, Antonio is called by the name of... 2: Bison
Before meeting Lukka, what was Hank's occupation? 3: Mercenary
Before traversing to Luxium, Rald was a part-time masseur, what was his main occupation: 3: CEO of the bank
Bernard has a romantic dream: after the wartime, he wishes to be a ... 2: Poet
Billy is Turing's number what assistant? 3: The Twenty-Third
Buff will disappear automatically after the max duration ends. And what? 2: Get Dispelled
Caius came from an alien world of giants, what's the name of their country? 4: Tildant
Caius had a prestigious status back in his original world, he is a: 2: Prince
Caius traversed to Luxium together with his wife, who's his wife? 1: Mizuki Koichi
Chang looks like the larger version of what? 4: Wesley
Choji is good at stuffing diners' mouths as a big chef. Which of his skills cannot restore HP? 1: Iron Pot
Choji's fish stuffed noodles has impressed Mr. Zephyr, a famous gourmet, who thus gave him a book named... 1: Ultimate Recipe
Dick is a poor guy to whom many Gyees has caused trouble. Which of the following Gyees has never done that? 4: Turing
Eddie and Miles were best friends. Since when had they gone separate ways? 3: Battle of Azria
Except for controlling lightning, Raikoh is good at... 2: Singing
Felix's weapon is a staff called: 4: Light of Canas
Focus starts with a full yellow bar (100). How much Focus will be recovered each round? 3: 30
For Supply: Cannye Treasure, how many Chest Slots are there in the Chest Wheel? 4: 6
For Supply: Cannye Treasure, what is the name of the Cannye Manager? 4: Wesley
From Lan's view, what is most essential while practicing swordsmanship? 1: Savvy
From which of the following accesses can Avatar be strengthened? 4: All of the Above
General Will founded Light of Purity, upon whose order? 1: Jonas
Hachi likes people touching his... 3: Abdomen
How did Mike team up with Choji? 3: Take Him to Grill Lobster
How did Musso's come to be scarred? 1: Attacked by a boar
How does Mercy address Miles? 1: Brother Wolffy
How does one trigger Flux Combo during combat? 1: Target at Enemy Weakness
How long has the Arcane Academy been established? 3: 70 years
How many accessible sessions are there for the Arena Event? 2: 2
How many arcana grenades does Duran have on his belt? 3: two
How many attempts at Perversion Raid each day will not consume extra Perversion Trackers? 3: 3
How many ears does Alcander have in the Half Beast form? 4: 4
How many gifts can a Gyee gift each week? 2: 15
How many kinds of Flux are there in the world? 4: 6
How many parts are there for the Avatar Artisoul? 3: 6
How many parts of Runes should be Engraved to upgrade Gyees' weapons? 1: 6
How many shards are there of the Treasure Map for Supply: Cannye Treasure? 1: 4
How many strings are there on Gany's harp? 4: 5 strings
How many times can one touch the Butler to increase Intimacy? 3: 3 Times
How many times can Su's skill 'Fairy Therapy' block damage? 2: 2
How many times can you receive Blessings from friends? 2: 10
How many times is the max damage of Rand's skill Business Purpose higher than his P.ATK? 3: 5 times
How to activate Auto Combat Feature of Darkflux Raid? 2: Complete All-Three-Star Condition
How to level up Clientele of Choji's Canteen? 1: Use Black Dragonshard for Takeaway
How to level up Gyees' level? 4: Increase Intimacy
How to unlock Gyees' passives? 3: Use Gyee Insight
How will you level up Gyees in your team? 1: Equalling Avatar Level
If Musso hadn't met Muller, which profession would Musso most likely choose? 3: Blacksmith
If you ask Rita's age, she is most unlikely to... 1: Tell her age
In Radian's photo, who is looking at Radian drooling? 2: Mike
In which case will sending message in Never Isle Channel not cost Chat Coupon? 4: On Never Isle
In which system can you view the Private Photo of Gyee? 1: Archive
Instead of Kitty, who is the new candidate of 'Prankster Duo' on Never Isle? 4: Hart
Is Kitty a boy or a girl? 3: Boy
It is said that Vundo was called 'Sis Vundo' by some islanders. Why? 4: Special clothing
It's a custom of Gyees to invite their favorite artists for their Private Photos. What is the incorrect understanding of Private Photo? 4: It Charms Enemy during Combat
Izumi says hello to Bidziil, and Bidziil will... 1: Ignore Izumi
Kaism worships Ka. How else is Ka addressed? 3: Lord of Light
Lately, the quiet and shy Queerix has gained a nickname of Chick-Catcher and Private Photo. How do you make of him? 2: Catches Chicken Very Often
Lukka may seem cute but his true identity is... 4: Ex-gang boss
Mana starts with a full blue bar (100). How much mana will be recovered each round? 3: 30
Markus was injured in the war. Which eye was blindfolded? 2: Left Eye
Master Ranmaru was born in Scarlet Wharf. Who was also born there? 3: Billy
Mercy always uses Goldfish Injector the way she wants. Which of her skills cannot restore HP during combat? 1: Expired Potion
Mike had suffered so much before he got the residence permit of Never Isle. Which of the following didn't he experience? 3: Fall into water
Mike's family was known as the richest family in Crossport. At that time, it was led by Mike's father, whose name is... 3: Paul
Miles is selling clothes in the secondary market. Socks are among the best sellers. What is the price? 4: Higher than Cost
Miles was abandoned in the forest and adopted by a mother wolf. Which city is the closest to the forest? 4: Red Harbor
Mizuki Koichi loves playing sports, what is his favorite sport? 1: Basketball
Radiant hates... 4: Cleaning up mission reports
Radian hates... 4: Cleaning up mission reports
Radiant's closest subordinate is named... 2: Lianjia
Radian's closest subordinate is named... 2: Lianjia
Rage starts with an empty red bar (0). In which of the following case will Rage not be increased? 3: Upon round over
Raid Endurance will consume Stamina and what? 3: Express Pass
Ranmaru doesn't age easily but falls asleep often due to the practice of Ancient Arcana. What is the name of the Arcana? 3: Once A Millennium
Rehoboam's spiritual minion is called: 3: Caspar
Sean is Brian's... 2: Adopted Son
Shawn is Brian's... 2: Adopted Son
Shawn called Brian by the name of ...? 1: Papa
Shirou is the son of the sea, and Daley is the friend of the sea, so what is the relationship between them? 3: Close Friends
Some believe Gyees are patients. They need treatment. What does Oathblades make of that? 4: Disagreed
Some believe Gyees were not born this way. They are spoiled. What does Order of Equality make of that? 4: Disagreed
Some believe to be a Gyee is to bring disgrace to one's family. What does Order of Equality make of that? 4: Disagreed
Supply: Cannye Treasure, how many metal badges are there in the bag redeemed from Wesley? 3: 5
Taneleer is a Draconian Gyee. Which of the following Gyees is also a Draconian? 2: Priapus
Taneleer loves collecting treasures, and he calls himself the ____ of Treasures. 4: Guard
Tank Gyees can stimulate hatred, absorb damage and protect allies. Which of the following skills cannot protect allies? 2: Miles: Precise Shot
The following four Gyees studied in Arcana Academy, but only one graduated. Who is he/she? 1: Chang
The High Priest of Kaism was once Lord Az's teacher. What was his name? 2: Aaron
The mercenaries in Luxium usually call Duran... 3: Colonel
The residents on the isle often say Captain Izumi's photo would have been perfect without that small animal. What is that animal? 3: Polar bear
The residents on the isle often say Master Lan's photo would have been perfect without that small animal. What is that animal? 4: Kitten
There is a Gyee who self-proclaims to be 'The perfect one', 'The pride of heaven', and 'Majestic as dusk', who is he? 3: Felix
There is a photo that makes Eddie very angry. In this photo, what is Miles doing? 1: Pinch Eddie
There is an underground taboo arcana research organization called the 'Nirvanians', the leader of this organization is: 1: Rehoboam
Through which of the following path can one quickly get Common Image? 1: Gate of Pact
What can/did/does
What can Alcander morph into? 1: Lion King
What did Chang do before he became the Chief of Cannye Shelter? 2: Arcana Academy Student
What did Lord Az construct first when he built Azria? 1: Kaism Temple
What did Musso do before he became a killer? 4: Bodyguard
What did Yaen nickname Mr. Vundo? 4: Big Pipe
What does Bernard like to call himself? 3: This Old Man
What does Catherine do? 4: Killer
What does Chang cook for the little Cannyes? 3: Arcana Barbeque
What does he say when you touch Mike's chest? 3: Make me an offer.
What does Hou care about the most? 1: Hart
What does it cost to activate the Gate of Pact? 2: Pact Stone
What does it need to level up Avatar skills? 1: Flux Crystal
What does it need to level up Gyees' Epiphany? 2: Gyee Image
What does Light look like? 2: Buns
What does Osmond yell when he attacks his enemies? 4: Spirit Feather
What does Radian like most? 3: Cooking
What does Rand like the most? 2: Sweat
What if
What if a skill gets parried? 1: Damage Reduced
What if you are applied Exposure during combat? 2: Can't Stealth
What if you fail to find the hidden chest when you hunt treasures. 1: Hire Treasure Tracker
What incident revealed Osmond as a Gyee? 2: Heal Brother
What is
What is Carter's most powerful artifact? 3: His head
What is Choji's favorite place? 2: Fish Market
What is essential to create a guild? 4: All of the Above
What is Gany's identity? 2: Dancer
What is Hou's weapon? 2: Hou's Bat 2.0
What is Jonas's cane decorated with? 1: The Queen
What is Kovit's specialty massage? 2: Thai massage
What is Lee's weapon? 2: Dumbbell
What is Mike doing now? 4: Traveling merchant
What is Mike's brother called? 2: Martin
What is Mike's favorite food? 2: Chicken
What is Morgan's original name? 1: Derek
What is Rald's specialty: 2: Deep Tissue Massage
What is Ran's Big Saw used for? 3: Lumber
What is the colorful tattoo on Priapus? 3: A Strength-Restriction Seal
What is the consequence of fighting without Tank Gyees? 2: Get Confused by Hatred
What is the correct description about Arcana Tracker? 3: Cleared Once Per Day
What is the correct description about Arena? 4: Arena Points can purchase goods
What is the correct description about Canteen? 1: Purchase of food
What is the correct description about the Flux Shock Incident? 2: Can Redeem Rewards
What is the function of the large battery on Hart's back? 3: Depositing Flux
What is the incorrect description about Arcana Tracker? 3: Has Gyee Image
What is the incorrect description about Arena? 4: Vulgar Voice Enabled
What is the incorrect description about Flux Shock that occurs recently on Never Isle? 2: Can be challenged at any time
What is the incorrect description about food effect? 1: Increase Gyee Intimacy
What is the incorrect statement of Support and Heal Gyees? 4: Kitty Is A Great Healer
What is the item to exchange for dye? 2: Rainbow Fruit
What is the mission of Priapus for Wonderland? 4: Spy on Shadow
What is the name of Chad and Bay's dog? 1: Shen
What is the name of Daley's Conch? 3: Haley
What is the name of Izumi's weapon? 3: Fountain Claw
What is the name of Lan's weapon? 3: Sky Breaker
What is the name of Miles' wolf? 3: Grey
What is the name of Taneleer's favorite ring? 1: Eye of the Stars
What is the name of the altar Bernard protects? 1: Ursus Altar
What is the name of the books in which the words and stories of Az were recorded? 2: Book of One
What is the name of the monster in Su's drawings? 3: Yan
What is the name of the Shadowbeast sealed in the Shadow Kettle during the first Shadow War 4: Kel
What is the only way to avoid being pranked by Yaen? 1: Gift her candies
What is the unique combination of Swordplay and Arcana developed by Master Ranmaru? 1: Way of Arcana
What is the White Cape formally called? 1: Sword of Light
What is the world formally called? 4: Luxium
What is the yellow bottle on Mike's waist for? 1: Control the Yellow Eye
What kind/should
What kind of food does Sig hate the most? 1: Coriander Ice Cream
What kind of gun does Miles have? 2: Shotgun
What kind of relationship do the people think the one between Eddie and Mercy is? 2: Love rivals
What kind of show is the Rupor's Show? 1: Show-Related
What kind of spell is Martin good at? 3: Shadow
What kind of weapon does Voh use? 1: Slingshot
What mementos did Mira's sister leave behind? 3: Butterfly Brooch
What Shirou cares most is... 4: Daley
What should you do if you are not satisfied with the attributes of the new Artisoul and you don't wanna challenge raids? 2: Reforge with Soulace
What should you do when you come across a mysterious witcher in the Arcana Tower of Never Isle? 3: Spend Money
What should you do when you run out of Black Dragonshards? 4: All of the Above
What should you do with the surplus signed photos after you redeem the rewards for each session of events? 3: Send to Those in Need
What was, What's
What was Jonas's identity when he lived in Azria? 3: An official of Azria
What was Peter's occupation in Mike's house? 1: Bodyguard
What was the purpose why Hou first came to Eversun? 3: Work Downtown
What weapon does Niko use? 2: Hammer
What Zodiac Sign is Catherine? 4: Scorpio
What's Billy' dream? 2: Travel around the World
What's Chandler's favorite food? 4: Cherry and Strawberry
What's Izumi's favorite thing to do at the hot spring? 4: Eat Popsicle
What's Radiant's identity? 1: Angel
What's Radian's identity? 1: Angel
What's the name of the baby elephant with Kovit? 1: KACHA
What's the name of the Shadow Hunter force that Hachi belongs to? 4: Bloodrunners
What's the name of the shark that Daley calls out to attack in battle? 4: Hayden
What's the name of Triton's weapon? 4: Great Wave
What's the nature of Triton? 1: Energy Conscious Carrier
What's Triton's biggest headache? 1: Immortality
When Daly makes a normal attack, the item used is... 1: Salted Fish
When did Mike encounter the accident? 3: 20
When he was 10 years old, Yan was chosen and trained by the Shadowhunters. How long did his training last? 2: 10 years
When was Kaigon, the Holy City of Kaism, built? 3: The Second Shadow War
When Yaen stowed away to Never Isle, where did she hide herself? 3: Case of Tobacco
Where are the Draconians in the legend inhabited? 1: Oriental Cloudend Isles
Where are the Draconians of Priapus inhabited? 2: Cloudend Isles
Where did Az study Arcana skill and Kaism, when he was between 12 and 18 years old as the student of Master Allen? 2: Kaigon
Where did Billy work before he became Turing's assistant? 4: Red Harbor Shipyard
Where did Kitty like to go most during his time at Arcana Academy? 2: Arcana Academy Top Floor
Where did Voh grow up? 4: Red Harbor
Where does Haku usually live? 2: Star Woods
Where does Lan like to drink at? 4: Under Sakura
Where is Bidziil's hometown? 4: North Desert
Where is Choji's hometown? 4: Crossport
Where is Felix's hometown? 2: Elysiann
Where is Hart's hometown? 1: Eversun
Where is Jonas's hometown? 2: Harveston
Where is Niko from? 4: None of the above
Where is Peter's previous martial arts gym? 3: Harveston
Where is the altar where Yan is stationed? 4: Broken Toe
Where is the Sword of Light (White Cape) headquartered? 4: Crossport
Where was Yan when he met Su five years ago? 2: Kaigon Dock
Where's Lee's hometown. 4: Blue Star
Which altar is Morgan guarding as a Shadowhunter? 2: Mona Altar
Which animal does Haku's mask represent? 1: Fox
Which faction does Rudolf's skills belong to? 2: Stealth Arcana
Which God of Blue Star is the origin of Priapus? 4: Reproduction God
Which Gyee below has resurrection skill? 4: Su
Which Gyee prefers to attack enemy with the rapid drill? 3: Billy
Which Gyee will wag tail when happy? 3: Chang
Which kind of food does Bernard prefer? 2: Jam Bread
Which of Peter's skill can deal damage charged by a Mastery skill? 2: Destructive Strike
Which of the follow Gyees has such a bad temper that he/she won't even meet you in their own Trifle? 2: Yang
Which of the following actions does not reward you titles? 4: Complete Main Story
Which of the following acts does not echo with the philosophy of Oathblades? 4: Concessiveness
Which of the following acts will not improve Gyee Partner's attributes? 2: Gift
Which of the following attributes will affect the character's P.DEF? 4: Endurance
Which of the following can conveys compliments while enjoying the afternoon tea? 1: I Can
Which of the following can strengthen Combat Power of Gyees in your team? 3: Use Partner Image
Which of the following city is famous for its abundant minerals? 3: Red Harbor
Which of the following four drinks is hated by General Will the most? 4: Drinks
Which of the following Gyees are Izumi's best friends? 1: Eddie and Miles
Which of the following Gyees does not have the ability of death immunity? 4: Osmond
Which of the following Gyees does not have the ability of death immunity? 4: Osmond
Which of the following Gyees has a weapon that wasn't invented by Master Turing? 3: Hart
Which of the following Gyees has an expensive coat yet doesn't dress it properly? 2: Vundo
Which of the following Gyees has been made 'queen' the most times? 3: Mira
Which of the following Gyees has the most lethal yells? 4: Bernard
Which of the following Gyees is a dream walker? 2: Peter
Which of the following Gyees is often called 'Doggie' by the residents on the isle? 4: Chang
Which of the following Gyees is the oldest one? 2: Mercy
Which of the following Gyees is the youngest one? 1: Will
Which of the following Gyees likes 'Big Guy' the most? 1: Rand
Which of the following Gyees likes fighting at midnight? 1: Yang
Which of the following Gyees likes to call himself a quick shooter? 1: Eddie
Which of the following Gyees prefers crop top? 3: Brian
Which of the following Gyees prefers to refer to humans as 'Mundane?' 1: Miles
Which of the following Gyees was once imprisoned? 2: Catherine
Which of the following Gyees will transform into an angel upon death and heal allies? 1: Osmond
Which of the following individuals is not a big fan of Rupor's Show? 2: Mira
Which of the following is irrelevant to Avatar: Swordsman's Skill Killing? 2: Current HP
Which of the following is not a combat position of Gyees? 3: Chef
Which of the following is not the spirit of Azria inherited by Never Isle after Azria was destroyed? 4: High-Profile
Which of the following is not what Mike can absorb during battle? 4: Essence
Which of the following is the reward that you can get without purifying Darkflux Raid? 4: Treasure Map Shard
Which of the following item does not belong to the six major Energy Fluxes aside from Light Energy Flux? 2: Wind Nexus
Which of the following items is Voh's favorite? 3: Black Dragonshard
Which of the following items that Gaar would be ecstatic to see ? 2: Puppy
Which of the following items will not appear in the chest of Supply: Cannye Treasure? 3: Gyee Insight
Which of the following organizations has the longest history? 2: Shadowhunters
Which of the following skills can deal more damage with the loss of the target enemy? 2: Rand: Business Purpose
Which of the following skills cannot apply interference or control to 1: Mercy: Special Drug
Which of the following skills cannot deal massive damage to a single enemy unit? 3: Mercy: Special Drug
Which of the following skills cannot heal multiple allies? 4: Kitty: Cat Claw
Which of the following statement is incorrect on frequent avenges of Boss? 3: Swift Movement of Boss
Which of the following statuses is not a 'controlled' status? 3: Aerial
Which of the following steps are part of the correct guild creation process? 4: Apply to Guild System
Which of the following tortures has Catherine not experienced? 3: Knocked out at Rupor's Show
Which of the following types of quality does not echo with the philosophy of Order of Equality? 4: Hatred for the World
Which of these Gyees has spent the longest time in Azria? 4: Rehoboam
Which one is an acquaintance of White Cape Brian? 1: Rand
Which organization did Nemesio belong to? 1: Oathblades
Which organization does Gaar belong to? 2: Oathblades
Which organization is Osmond, affiliated to White Turbans, designated to serve as an Army Doctor? 1: Sword of Light
Which plant did Az use to absorb the huge flux of the Light Nexus? 4: Nine leaves
Which reward will not be granted for the Intimacy Level increased? 3: Level Up Epiphany
Which show has the slogan that no one in this world can stop you from shining? 1: Rupor's Show
Which two of the following things left the deepest impressions on Eddie when he first arrived in Azria. 2: Light and Rose
Who brought up Queerix? 1: Grandma
Who built Azria? 1: Az
Who burnt down Sig's Blacksmith Shop? 3: Brian
Who can't float in the air? 1: Raikoh
Who crafted Nemesio's weapon? 2: Turing
Who disagrees with the argument that Gyees, like everyone else, are not monsters? 4: White Cape
Who does Musso want to kill the most? 3: Mullar
Who does Yang agree with the most regarding their opinions regarding ordinary humans? 2: Miles
Who founded the Oathblades? 2: Markus
Who founded the Order of Equality? 3: Jonas
Who founded the Shadowhunters? 1: Bernie
Who had known Az before Az built Azria and later became his guard? 2: Ranmaru
Who has contributed the most supplies to the development of Never Isle? 3: Jonas
Who has the best relationship with Bidzill? 2: Miles
Who has the legendary artifact-the 'Golden Mouse'? 1: Yan
Who has the lowest asset? 4: Mike
Who has 'Yellow Eye Dye' at his waist? 3: Mike
Who helped Sig get away from the White Cape? 4: Eddie
Who is Mizuki Koichi's husband? 1: Caius
Who is not a member of the Mike Team 3: Sentor
Who is the commander of the Oathblades? 1: Markus
Who is the elder brother that Mercy consulted to address her cluelessness about how to deal with her love of Miles? 4: Eddie
Who is the female Gyee that came from Kaigon Orphanage alongside Yaen and Kitty? 2: Mercy
Who is the host of Rupor's Show? 1: Rupor
Who is the Kong's officer before he's discharged by the Shadowhunters? 1: Gramsci
Who is 'the man behind Queen Rupor'? 1: Lee
Who is the most likely to say 'Different me, same beauty'? 4: Rupor
Who is the vanguard in the Battle of Azria? 3: Nemesio
Who is this 'Rupor' you are watching? 4: Brother Rupol
Who is Turing's teacher? 1: Vundo
Who is Vundo's teacher? 2: Seren
Who led the Gyees that survived the Battle of Azria in rebuilding their homes on Never Isle? 4: Seren
Who made the Flux Battery of Hart? 4: Hou
Who provided guidance to Queerix in making the Carrot Cannon? 4: None of the above
Who said that he never drinks, but when arrives in Hottie Bar, he starts drinking? 1: Bernard
Who saved Mira from the White Capes ten years ago? 4: Markus
Who started the Battle of Azria and the Whites? 4: Rock Sr.
Who trades dye in Never Isle? 3: Lee
Who was the commander of Sword of Light (White Cape) during Battle of Azria? 4: Rock Junior
Who was the one behind the fall of Azria and now the Bishop of Order of the Shadow? 4: Grey Serpent
Who's in the Prankster Duo other than Yaen? 1: Kitty
Whose Cannye Shelter does Yang pay frequent visits to? 3: Chang
Whose subordinate was Gaar once? 1: Nemesio
Whose subordinate was Hachi once? 3: Will
Why can Daley's conch float? 4: Don't know
Why can't Lukka and Hank separate? 1: Tabooed arcana
Why did Rand leave his hometown? 1: Hides from White Cape
Why did Rudolf sneaked into Never Isle at night? 3: To steal the Holy Ring
Why do the White Capes want to capture Turing? 2: Own his inventions
Why does Nemesio like drinking Poppy Milk Wine? 2: To forget pain
Why doesn't Mike get off the couch? 1: He's lazy
Why is there a string of colorful runes around Priapus? 3: Restriction to Power
Why was Kong discharged from the Shadowhunters? 3: Disobeying orders on the battlefield
Why won't Granny allow exchanges between Queerix and the villagers? 2: Reveal the Gyee identity
Will treasures a giant sword and swears that he will not unsheathe the sword unless need be. What is the name of the sword? 2: Grace